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it's sort of like a Halloween special idea where A meteor crashes outside of hollywood arts. It has a radioactive snake inside it and it bites Tori, causing Tori to turn into a towering giantess, and she eventually snaps and goes on a rampage after a lot of stress of being a giantess and her old bully back at Sherwood named Rebecca picks on her. Now Tori's friends must find a cure for Tori and get her back to normal. Guest starring Invader ZIM, Godzilla,Transformers, and the Fairly Oddparents.


Invader Zim from the show Invader Zim. He's the guest star of the story.

Chapter 1: Growing PainsEdit

Sikowitz: All right everybody. For our latest play, we are doing CATS.

All students: Aww man *groan*

Cat: I'm not a play.

Sikowitz: Aw come on. You all know that we do a play every Christmas semester.

Tori: Actually I heard from Trina that you do this play EVERY January.

Sikowitz: Don't tell me how to do my job.

Andre: She's not. She's just stating a fact.

Then a strange unnoticed object crashed near the entrance of Hollywood Arts. But they DID hear the booming noise that followed*

Cat: OH NO!! The Microwave exploded again!!!

Trina: No it didn't. It's that object outside. Let's go see what it is. Then everyone went outside to see the object. It was a meteor. It was the size of a football helmet. Sikowitz scanned the meteor with his radioactivity scanner.*

Sikowitz: It says it's radioactive.

Tori: Where'd you get that?

Sikowitz: Ebay.

Then the meteor cracked open and revealed a snake the size of a baseball.

Rex: I told you we were not alone.

Cat: Alien creature. We come in peace

Jade: No we don't.

Cat: Ignore her.

Then the snaked lunged at Cat, who dodged out of the way.

Trina: I have an idea.

Tori: What?

Trina: Let's run screaming into the closet.

. Everyone ran screaming into the closet.*

Trina: Is it still out there?

Sikowitz: I don't know. But someone is going to have to go look outside and see.

Jade: I volunteer Tori.

Tori: What? NO WAY!! Jade: What are you chicken?

Tori: No. And I'll prove it.

Tori then walked out of the closet to look. The snake leaped out and bit Tori in the arm. She pulled the snake off, but its fang detached from its mouth, thus getting it lodged in her arm. Real deep too.* Andre: Tori. Are you Ok?

Tori: No. That thing bit me and got away and its fang got lodged in my arm

. Sikowitz: That fang is radioactive according to my scanner.

Tori: What?

Sikowitz: I said-

Tori: I heard you.

Then everyone stared at Tori in disbelief. Tori was puzzled by this* Tori: Why are you looking at me? Is there something on my face? Andre: No. YOU ARE GLOWING!!!

Then Tori's skin was glowing purple.

Tori: What's going on? Someone HELP ME!!!

As she kept looking down at herself, seeing the light radiating from her was getting brighter and brighter. Tori then felt her stomach lurch violently, and she was hit by a dizzy spell as well. The suddenness of both made her shut her eyes and sink to her knees. Tori clutched her stomach, breathing heavily. Then she collapsed on the ground*

Rex: I think she's dead.

Robbie: No. She's breathing. She's just sleeping. Let's put her in the nurses office and check on her later.

Then Tori woke up.

Sikowitz: Andre, is Tori OK?

Andre: She looks OK.

Tori: That was a strange dream.

Andre: That was NO dream. You fell unconcious after the snake bit you and you were glowing brightly.

Tori: Yeah. Speaking of that, I feel weird.

Andre: How weird?

Tori: Like I feel a little taller all of a sudden.

Andre: Huh?

Then Tori started glowing again even brighter than last time.

Tori: Oh no. Not again.

Then she started to grow bigger and bigger and bigger.

Sikowitz: OH MY GOODNESS!!!!


Andre: Guys, get in here NOW!!!

Cat, Jade, Beck and Trina: Holy Chiz.

Overwhelmed by confusion and fear, Tori just stared back at the others, until she felt her head brush against the ceiling. Cat, Jade, Andre, Beck, Robbie and Sikowitz ran out of the building they were in as Tori continued to grow. And judging from how the ceiling looked as if it was getting ever lower to Tori, it wasn't stopping!

Sikowitz: Must've been that snake bite. That's probably what's causing this.

Tori: This can't be happening. Make this stop.

Tori was then getting so big she could no longer fit in the nurse's office.

Nurse: Ok, Tori, here's some medicine to help ease your- WHAT THE?!

Then Tori kept growing and she smashed through the roof. Debris rained down around the Victorious cast as they stared in disbelief at what was happening to their friend. Tori looked down, revealing that her growth was not stopping yet. She noticed that all the cars parked in the driveway AND driving by were toy-sized to her now. The other students were coming in the driveway to go to their classes then saw her and stared in shock and disbelief.

Student #1: Have you noticed the more we go here, the more boring it gets.


But the plangent noise of car crashes cut them off. The 2 students looked toward the source...and instantly spotted the colossal Tori, now at a towering height of nearly 50 feet. Tori was staring down around her in shock. This simply wasn't possible. She knew that the human body wasn't designed to grow this large. How can one little snake bite(despite it being radioactive) and its radioactive fang getting stuck in her arm possibly do this to her.


Andre: Don't worry. Just-Just calm down. We'll help you out somehow?

Tori: (looking down at Andre and her voice making the gang's ears ring) Calm down? LOOK AT ME!!! I'm HUGE! I've grown to the size of a Japanese movie monster!!!

Then suddenly a student came over Student: Sikowitz, have you seen my notebook- Oh my gosh, look at the size of that girl.

Chapter 2 A giant problemEdit

A crowd had gathered within minutes, and more people kept swarming around Tori every second. All around, people just stared at her in absolute disbelief. and it took every ounce of Tori's willpower to keep from crying. Never before did Tori feel so much like a freak. Tori tried desperately to ignore the crowd, but occassionally she couldn't help but to glance down at the people below.

Tori: (in her thoughts) I can't believe how small everyone looks

Tori was terrified. No one in the crowd looked more than three inches tall to her. Closest to her were several ambulances and police cars. Running around her somwhere was a doctor, doing some tests or whatever. General Van Kleef, Sinjin's father, was rolling around trying to keep the crowds under control. Tori also spotted a CNN news van parked nearby.

'Tori feels something on her ankle*

Tori:Hey!Get off me!

(People scream)

Tori:What is going on here?

Cat:All these people are afraid of you.


Cat:Yuh huh.

Beck: Andre, how the heck did this happen?

Andre: I don't know. She just grew. And grew. And grew.

Sultan Kosen(tallest man in the world in real life. NO JOKE): And I thought I was tall.

Alistar Richards: Hello. Alistar Richards here of Guinness world records. You have broke Sultan's record. What's your name.

Rex: Man, if only Robarazzi was still going. This would make juicy gossip.

Robbie: Quiet. This is serious.

Rex: But this is news. Imagine it. The monstrous Torizilla.

Robbie: No. Remember what happened last time I did Robarazzi.

The nurse then did a thorough examination on Tori and gave the diagnosis*

Sikowitz: Well. Is she going to be OK?

Nurse: Well, she seems to be perfectly healthy except know. And fro my analysis, the growth probably began when Tori got agitated or stressed.

Tori: So, can you return me to normal?

Nurse: No.

Tori: *rolls eyes* Does that mean I'm going to be stuck like this.

Nurse: Possibly. And judging from research I looked up on your condition, for all I know, you're gonna keep getting bigger and bigger.

Tori: WHAT!? (her voice making everyone's ears ring)

Nurse: WAIT! However, if the fang can be removed then you'll likely be back to normal.

Tori: Well then. Pull it out.

Nurse: But it isn't growing with you, so it'll be hard. But we'll think of something. And judging from the blood analysis we did, the radioactive alien snake bite must've trigger some sort of pituitary gland imbalance.

Sikowitz: This situation is serious.

Beck: You're telling me.

Nurse: More serious than you know Beck. . Spontaneously growing like this defies all known laws of science, except for whales of course, but that's a different story. I'm concerned about the strain that it'd put on her heart. Right now she could have a heart attack from her heart not pumping enough blood through her massive body.

Soldier: In the meantime, we better take her to a safe location. As you can see, she's drawing a crowd. The mention of this made Tori feel uneasy.

Tori: Wait a minute. You're taking me somewhere?

Tori: WHAT?! Are you saying I'm a freak?!. I'm staying here. It was bad enough that she grew into a monstrous freak, but the thought of being herded off like some dangerous animal made her feel even worse.

Soldier: It's for your own protection Tori. So. We'll need to take you to the hangar in our base and-

Tori: NO! I'M STAYING RIGHT HERE!!!!! To make her point, Tori slammed her enormous foot down on the ground, cracking the ground and knocking everyone off their feet.*

Tori: Oh, who am I kidding. I AM a freak. No one will want to go to a prom with a 50 foot tall girl.

Andre: Although this is a problem I do have to admit, she's hot as a giantess.

Everyone: ANDRE!!

Andre: Sorry. Actually, I think the military have a point. Having giant girls around usually leads to trouble. If you don't believe me, just ask Harry Archer(reference to attack of the 50 foot Woman). And it's not like that the only example we got.

Cat: Agreed. Beck, remember when we attended that wedding in Modesto.

Beck: Oh man, don't remind me.(reference to Monsters vs Aliens).

Soldier: All right, we get the point. How about we set up a tent near the school so she won't have to leave and still be under military supervision. It would be less stressful.

Rex: I have an idea. Let's bring back Robarazzi one last time.

Robbie: No.

Rex: But you don't even know how my plan will work. Everyone group huddle, and don't let Tori hear us. Everyone huddled together*

Rex: OK. We'll secretly film Tori as a giant and make money off of it using Robarazzi. Then we'll use the money to build a thingy that'll return her to normal.

Trina: Now that I think about it. That's not a bad idea.

Sikowitz: I like it. It may be offensive, but anything to return Tori to normal. And they proceeded with the plan*

Chapter 3 Tori goes to thinkEdit

Tori's parents came in wondering where their daughter was.

Tori's mom: Well, I haven't seen Tori all day. I wonder if something happened to her.

Tori's dad: Let's ask Sikowitz. Maybe he'll know what has happened.

Sikowitz, meanwhile was seen near a tent.

Tori's dad: Hey, Sikowitz, have you seen Tori? She's been gone all day last night.

Sikowitz: Uh, she, uh, is busy at San Francisco.

Tori's Mom: Liar. Remember when she was staying at your house pretending to be a cop who likes rasin bran and you told us she was in Peru? We're not falling for something similar.

Sikowitz: Fine, you got me. But be warned, you'll be in for a shock.

They enter the tent and Tori is there, 50 feet tall.

Tori's dad: HOLY CHIZ!! My poor girl.

Tori's mom: Tori, how did this happen to you?!

Tori: Well, it's a long story. You see-

15 minutes later.

Tori: And that's how it happened. Now I don't care how it happened to me, I just want it to be fixed as soon as possible.

Sikowitz: Me too.

Tori: Hey is that those food trucks, thank goodness I'm starving.

Tori crawls out of the tent and walks towards the trucks and picks one up and rips it open quickly and eats the food inside it.

Beck: Holy chiz, Tori. Slow down.

Cat: Yes. Just because you're as big as a Japanese movie monster doesn't mean you need to have the table manners of one.

Tori: (her voice echoing and making Beck and Cat's ears ring) I can't help it, guys. I've haven't eaten anything the whole day yesterday. Oh, who am I kidding.

Tori then sat down on the street and put both her hands over her face and began crying, making big puddles in the street.

Cat: Aww, Tori's crying. What's wrong Tori.

Tori then looked down at Cat to talk to her.

Tori: How can you even ask that? I've grown 50 feet tall. I am a freak. I don't even know how long it will take for the doctors to cure me and and everyone is afraid of me. And furthermore, I'll NEVER have anything close to a normal life now How am I supposed to finish high school!? And how will I ever find another boyfriend if I'm stuck like this.(continues crying) Oh and did I mention everyone is afraid of me. (goes back to crying)

Cat: Not us. Even when 50 feet tall, you still have friends. Us.

Tori: You are right. I'm gonna need to go by the docks to think.

Chapter 4 The Return of Robarazzi AKA Rebeccas debutEdit

The gang was still secretly filming Tori doing things. Tori then sat by the dock to think*

Tori: I smell smoke *sniffs air*

Then she spotted a burning building. She then walked over to it

Tori: Stand back everyone. *blows on building, putting out flames

Crowd: Hooray Yay!!! Jade: Wow Tori. You were like a superhero.

Tori: Thanks.

Then the gang continued to film Tori secretly doing heroic acts around town, including fighting off giant monsters and rescuing people falling from buildings. Then one day she was starting to feel depressed about her height again. Then Cat came over.*

Tori: Out of all the people to have this condition, why me? This is Jade's fault. She told me to go look for the snake.

Cat: Hey Tori.

Tori: Hi Cat. What are you doing here?

Cat: Listen. I know you were depressed for a little while so I brought your favorite singer to cheer you up. PLAIN WHITE T'S Band member #1(I don't know they're names): I thought you said this was for a charity.

Cat: It is. It's for uh "Keep Tori happy so she doesn't go completley Godzilla on everyone" charity. '

Tori: I thought I told you I was over them. And don't worry. I don't get angry that easily.

Trina: Hey Cat, guess what. Trina then whispers to Cat about how they completed their Robarazzi skit.* Tori: What was that? Trina: I was just telling Cat how exceptionally red her hair was today. Cat: I thought you said it was about the- *Trina cuts Cat off by covering her mouth with her hand. They walk away* Sikowitz: Hey Tori, guess what? You are getting the key to the city for your heroic acts at the Hollywood Bowl.

Tori: Really? That's awesome. Here, hop on my hand and I'll take you there to see me triumph.

  • They all hopped on Tori's hand, some of the cast even got on her shoulder and she went to the Hollywood Bowl.

Meanwhile, during recess at Sherwood, Tori's old bully, Rebecca(played by Selena Gomez., was relaxing*

Friend #1. Hey Rebecca. What are you doing?

Rebecca: Oh just relaxing.

Friend #2: Say Rebecca, have you read the newspaper. There's an article about Tori.

Rebecca; Really? Let me see that!!!

Rebecca then read about how Tori became a hero. She was 50 feet tall and spraying water on a burning building and how she was getting the key to the city. Rebecca's eyes turned red with anger. SHE was supposed to be the famous one not Tori, she thought.*


Friend #1: Well, there is a thing where if she gets angry, it puts a strain on her heart, and could give her a heart attack.

Rebecca: Good idea.

She then went to city hall, where Tori was getting the key to the city*

Chapter 5 Tori vs the militaryEdit

Meanwhile Tori was then at the city hall* Mayor: It gives me great pleasure to be giving the key of the city to someone who has been there for us for the past few days, saving lives, and doing something else. I forget what. So I give TORI the key to the city

Tori: Thank you. I don't know what to say. I'm speechless.

Sikowitz and the gang were there too.* Sikowitz: I finally thought up of a title for our Robarazzi skit. I call it. Attack of the 50 foot Tori. Robbie: *Rolls eyes*

Sikowitz: You don't like it?

Robbie: No I like it. I was just shocked by the sheer unoriginality of that title.

But just as she was about to take the key something was coming straight at her. It looked like and was a giant PIE!!! It splattered all over her face. Tori: Yum, but this is Sooooo humiliating. Who would do something like this.

Rebecca: ME THAT'S WHO?!!

Tori: Rebecca? But I thought I didn't have to put up with you anymore.

Rebecca: Well, I was just shocked by how an idiot like you could be a hero. So, I came to see for myself and show my respect...or my utter lack of it.

Tori: Why, I oughta squish you right now. Wait. My chest feels weird *Pants and wheezes

Rebecca: Oh and did you know Sikowitz brought back Robarazzi and is filming you right now.

Tori: NO!!! Rebecca:

YES!!! And the mayor planned this.

Mayor: NO I DIDN'T!!!

Tori didn't know who to believe, so she got so frustrated that her heart was beating faster, just like the nurse warned and she fainted, crashing onto the hollywood bowl, crushing it.

Rebecca: YES!! IT WORKED!!!

Then when it seemed like she was dead, her eyes opened immediatley. She got up.

Tori: *calm down* So, you're still all here, huh. How conveinent. (screams) I'LL KILL YOU!!!

She then set her sights on Sikowitz and tried to step on him.

Sikowitz stood still, staring up idiotically at Tori's rapidly descending foot, too paralyzed with shock and disbelief to move. He would have surely been road pizza if not for Andre's timely intervention. He lunged for Sikowitz and tackled him, knocking them both out of harm's way right before Tori's foot smashed into the concrete with a deafening boom. The shockwave knocked both of them down. Tori didn't even give them time to catch their breath. She raised her foot again and, with a shriek of unrestrained fury, brought it down again. Sikowitz and Andre rolled away in opposite directions, avoiding certain death by mere inches. This time, the shockwave knocked both of them into the air. After landing with a painful thud, Sikowitz forced himself to get back up, thinking Tori would go right for him. Instead, when he looked up, he saw Tori glaring elsewhere, probably at Andre.

By now, the crowd had succumb to outright panic; they fled in a frenzy, trampling over each other in a desperate attempt to escape the insane, homicidal giantess.


Jade: Tori's...angry?



Tori: I don't believe you!!! *proceeding to step on Andre, narrowly missing* You were trying to cash in on my plight for your personal gain. NOW YOU PAY!!!

She made a screech of fury and tried to stomp on all her friends in a rage.

Andre: Wow, I have not seen this much extreme rage since the time my grandma freaked at me because I failed science class.

Trina and Jade and Beck could only watch helpless as their enormous friend tried to step on Andre and Sikowitz. Everyone know that there was no reasoning with Tori now. Tori had gone completely berserk, driven insane by the notion that everyone had backstabbed her, and there wasn't anything anyone could do to stop her. Andre snagged his foot on a chunk of smashed-up concrete, and he landed face-first on the ground. Andre looked back up, only to see Tori's crazed face hovering high overhead.


Then, she raised her foot to stomp on him again. Andre was too hurt and too exhausted to move, and this time it was Jade's turn to save the day. She didn't like Andre, but she didn't want him to DIE! Moving at top speed, she rushed in, grabbed Andre and carried him out of harm's way just in time. But then suddenly Tori set her sights on her.

Jade: You got to be kidding me.

When Jade looked up again, he saw, instead of Tori's foot, her hand was coming for them. She shoved Andre away, only to realize too late that Tori was reaching for HER. Her huge, tree trunk-like fingers curled around her, ensuring there was no escape. Then she brought her right up to her face. Tori glared at her helpless captive intently, and a chill ran up Jade's spine for the first time.


Andre: Do something.

Sikowitz: LIKE WHAT?!?

Tori: You I may not finish off right away. Oh, you've got plenty to answer for. I don't think anyone at Hollywood Arts has made fun of me more than you. To be honest, I can't tell who's even worse, Rebecca or YOU!

Jade; Tori, please calm down. We can work this out if we-


Jade suddenly become aware that Tori's grip was tightening. Jade struggled against her hold, but it was like being stuck in a giant iron vise...which was slowly closing in on him. She looked again to see Tori glaring at him, a wicked smile forming on her lips. She was obviously going to enjoy watching Jade pop like a bird that got sang to by Princess Fiona from the Shrek movies. Blackness filled Jade's vision as the pain became unbearable.

Andre then decided it was time to take action. He then walked up to Tori's foot holding a kitchen knife* Andre: Sorry Tori, BUT THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!!

Andre then stuck the pin in Tori's foot. Tori let out a scream of pain, letting go of Jade in the process. She crashed into the ground. Tori then tried to step on Andre again. Everyone was injured, but no bones were broken on anyone fortunatley, but they were moaning and groaning in pain.

Tori: How did that pin hurt, considering my new size and everything?

Tori then set her sights on the fleeing crowd. She thought, "Why stop with Rebecca and my friends? I can show the whole CITY that they don't mess with Tori Vega anymore!*

Then she saw S.W.A.T vans with their team's guns ready to fire.

Swat soldier: Tori, stand down now, or you'll make us resort to lethal force. Don't make us do this, Tori.

Tori took a few steps toward the S.W.A.T. vans. All the officers immediately opened fire with everything they had. Thier machine gun fire...she barely felt the bullets bouncing off her thick skin; they were mere pinpricks to her. However, the missiles and grenades fired at her were a different story. They exploded against her skin with considerable force, and the scorching burns they left made her eyes water.

However, they didn't come close to stopping her, but only managed to slightly slow her down. And considering how close she had already been, Tori was still all over the cops in a heartbeat. With a screech of fury, Tori brought her foot down, forcing several cops to dive out of the way. And all she had to do was gently sweep the area around her with her feet, knocking cops every which way, to ensure that no more grenades and missiles were fired at her.

Tori looked back down at the cops. Some were readying their weapons again.

Tori: You're obviously not getting the message. Here, let me make it crystal clear.

She raised her foot again and stomped on a nearby cop car, flattening it instantly with a deafening crunch of glass and metal.

The gentle rain that had been falling moments before gave way to a heavy downpour, and lightning crackled all around the city. The booming thunder that accompanied it second later perfectly punctuated Tori's screams of wrathful fury. Her anger exploded out of her as she went on to smash more cop cars underneath her feet, forcing the officers to run for their lives, and General Van Kleef to roll out is if he was back at the Special Olympics. When she spotted the S.W.A.T. vans, an inspiration came to Tori. She picked up a van in each hand and then, with all her strength, threw them at the Hollywood Bowl stadium. They crashed into the top floor, and just as Tori intended, they exploded, engulfing the entire top half of the building in billowing flames.

Sikowitz and the others could only watch helplessly as Tori's wrathful rampage went on. The whole area was now illuminated thanks to the blazing Hollywood Bowl Stadium. The pouring rain did nothing to stop the flames, and more lightning crackled around Los Angeles as Tori let out a defiant, furious roar. Rex: This is great stuff.

Andre turned to see that Rex had found their camera and had been filming Tori going ballistic on the police.

Tori then had spotted Rebecca out of the corner of her eye, and also saw that more police were approaching from the direction Rebecca was headed in. Her rage flared up at as she remembered who had masterminded this whole thing. "YOU THINK THOSE COPS ARE GONNA PROTECT YOU, YOU PUNY LITTLE JERK!?" she roared, stomping over to the brigade of police.

The thunderous booming of Tori's gigantic footsteps rang in Rebecca's ears as she frantically ran among the cops, her heart hammering in her chest, escaping from the vengeful titaness being her only thought. When a cop on a police motorcycle stopped beside her, instinct fueled by pure fear took over. "GET OFF!" she screeched, shoving off the officer with strength fueled by sheer desperation. She quickly mounted the bike, turned it around, and hit the gas, taking off and accelerating to top speed in a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately for her, it wasn't nearly enough to keep ahead of Tori, who sprinted after her. Pure, mind-numbing terror filled Rebecca as she looked over her shoulder, seeing that Tori had closed the distance in a matter of seconds. And the look in her eyes, an icy glare that showed no mercy whatsoever, left Rebecca with no doubt that once Tori got hold of her, all she had to look forward to was Rebecca's slow, painful demise.

Rebecca looked ahead and, to her utmost relief, saw that she was about to head under an overpass. Looking back, she saw Tori reaching down for her. However, the rain had made the roads slick, and she slipped, sliding into the overpass with a deafening crash just as Rebecca rode under it. Rebecca made it out from underneath it just before it collapsed completely, and she sped off without looking back. Rebecca fled into Los Angeles. Tori knew Rebecca gave her the slip...for NOW!!!*


An unwelcome sound interrupted her tirade...the whirl of helicopter blades. Tori turned around to see two police choppers closings in on her, and they were armed with machine guns. Once they were in range, they opened fire, aiming for Tori's head. Fortunately for her, most of the bullets bounced harmlessly off of her. She narrowed her eyes dangerously, knowing this would instill fear in the pilots. Then Tori reached down, grabbed two large pieces of the collapsed overpass, and hurled them at the helicopters. The helicopters exploded as several tons of concrete smashed into them, and their wreckage fell to the streets below.

She then made a U-turn towards the sea, leaving the area she was in in ruins.

Meanwhile, back at Hollywood Arts*

Sikowitz, Andre, Trina, Beck, Cat, Robbie, and Jade were watching for any news bulletins about Tori. After her failed attempt to catch Rebecca, Tori stormed right out of Los Angeles, which completely baffled all of them. Tori had seemed ready to tear apart all of Los Angeles in a blind rage right then and there, but for some reason, she had fled.

However, throughout the night, there had been scattered reports of Tori going on a rampage in areas right outside of Los Angeles. The heavy storm clouds had made it difficult to keep track of her, even with satellites, so when she had struck, most of the time she took everyone completely by surprise.

It had been an hour since the last report of an attack, and the waiting was making and Sikowiz and Rex anxious. Any minute now, they expected another newsflash of Tori razing something to the ground, or hear her thunderous footsteps coming down the street, heralding her returning to seek revenge on them all.

Rex: This is all my fault. I never should've convinced you to bring back Robarazzi. I thought we could use the money to Help Tori return to normal. But all it did was push her over the edge.

Robbie: Well, it was a stupid idea, Rex. But it wasn't your fault. No, it was that jerk Rebecca that pushed Tori to the boiling point. I won't feel sorry for her AT ALL if she gets crushed by Tori. But the fact remains that Tori will tear apart Los Angeles until she finds her.

Cat: You're right, Robbie. Oh, if there was only some way to get through to Tori, get her to calm down.

Sikowitz: Well, considering how she bought Rebecca's lie and now thinks we made the skit for our gain, not her's AND she tried to use Tori's condition's side effects to her advantage. I don't see any way to reason with Tori.

Cat: I don't get it, Tori looked ready to go Godzilla, but she ran off. Why?

Beck: Who knows, Cat. It's like her anger's turned her into a mindless monster...who knows what she'll do?

Andre: Umm, y'know, now that I think about it, I think it's more like her mind's been reduced to a state of primal predatory instinct. Lemme get something out of my car.

When Andre returned, he had a map of the whole Southern California area.

Andre: "I think I finally see a pattern in Tori's attacks. These aren't just random attacks, Tori's systematically taking out every route in and out of Los Angeles. Bridges, major roads, interstates, port cities everything....

At that moment there was another news bulletin.

Andre: See, there goes another city. Trina: Where did she attack now? Andre: Malibu.

Sikowitz: Now I get it. Tori's cutting off every avenue of escape from Los Angeles," "But...why?"

Andre: Isn't it obvious? She wants to make sure that Rebecca - and we - don't get away. And it's a safe bet she blames everyone in the city for making her condition worse. She doesn't want ANYONE getting away." And if she cuts off access by sea and air...we're doomed.

Jade: So what do we do.

Andre: I think I know someone who can help

Chapter 6 Enter: Invader Zim(Invader Zim's debut)Edit

The gang then head to a strange house in the suburbs and Andre knocks on the door. A green figure stood in the doorway.*

Green Figure: Who dares disturb the lair of ZIM!!!!

Andre: Cut the act, Zim. We know who you are.

ZIM: What? But how?

Cat: We seen your TV series.

ZIM: Oh. Fine, come on in.

Everyone walks in ZIM's house.*

ZIM: What could you earthlings possibly request seeing me for?

Beck: Zim, we need your help.

ZIM: ME? Help a bunch of HUMANS?! NEVER!!!!

Cat: Please, Zim, our friend Tori has grown to gigantic size and has wrecked several towns.

ZIM: Impossible. If you really say this, prove it.

Beck: We will. *turns on TV*

News woman: I am on the site of yet another attacked by the giant monster Tori Vega. It is mass chaos and we are trying to evacuate everyone from the city.

ZIM: Hmmm, perhaps you speak the truth. All right, I'll help you. Where is this "Tori Vega" now?

Sikowitz: Well, I heard that she went back in the ocean and is making a U-turn toward San Fransisco.

ZIM: Well, I have an idea, but I'll need time. I need to take a trip into my invention stash.

*San Fransisco dock* Robbie: See anything, Rex?

Rex: No sign of her, Rob. But I'm pretty SURE that Tori is going to rise up and wreck the dock, just like in that lousy American Godzilla remake. That movie was TRASH!!!

Robbie: Focus, Rex.

But Rex was wrong. Not all giant monsters arrive noisy and already destructive. No. Tori was hiding stealthily underneath the dock. She rose up, towering over Robbie and Rex.

Rex: *Jaw drops* Robbie: Uh Oh.

Tori's massive fist then came crashing onto the dock smashing it. Robbie and Rex ran

Chapter 7 RampageEdit

Then, Tori climbed out of the dock, with people running and screaming in panic. Now that she had finally made her presence known, she began making her way into the heart of San Francisco and started smashing the city's buildings with her bare fists. She continued her rampage, leaving nothing but destruction in her wake. She crashed and smashed her way through the city, crushing cars and wrecking buildings, making sure to scatter debris everywhere. She even picked up trucks carrying oil tankers and threw them right into buildings making explode. Tori made sure she smashed every building in the city. After a half-hour, Tori leveled San Francisco entirely.

Tori: Well, that's that for San Francisco. Now just one more piece of buisness I need to take care of.

At the Airport that Tori must've used before the events of "Wifi in the Sky"*

Flight attendant: OK everybody, please take your suitcases and hand them over to me so I can put them in the trunk.

A loud thumping noise that shook the enitre plane. It make a passengers glass of water vibrate like in "Jurassic Park"(you seen the movie I bet, so you probably know what I mean. Then Tori's titanic form came into view.

Flight attendant: WOW, she's hot.

She lifted her leg and brought it down forcefully onto a plane, snapping it in half.

Flight attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, if you are seated on the left, you can get a glimpse of Tori Vega, who a few days ago, broke Sultan's world record of World's tallest human and-

It wasn't long before Tori made her way over to that person's plane. She picked up the plane with everyone in it, with people screaming and praying for dear life. Tori glanced through the cockpit window, seeing the man looking back with that expression of his. But that expression faded when Tori glared back with a look of pure hate, and the gravity of his situation finally sunk in. However, the man didn't have much longer to dwell on it. Tori threw the plane, sending it careening toward the terminal.

The plane smashed into the terminal, demolishing it instantly. The sound of shattering glass and twisting metal filled the ears of all those lucky enough to escape. Tori stared at the totaled terminal for a few moments; more and more, she was reveling in her power and the destruction she could single-handedly bring about, and it only served to inflame her bloodlust even more. And besides, she wouldn't be satsified until Rebecca, and her friends got what was coming to them. She then went back to her rampage.

The police then rushed into the scene.

Policeman: I have a giant teenage girl, wrecking the airport. I need backup immediatley. Look, I don't know how tall she is. She is a GIANT!!! *hangs up* Ok, Johnson, small problem I don't think they believe me.

Eventually the entire airport was destroyed*

Tori: There. Now LA's mine to do with as I please. heads towards Los Angeles, which is 100 miles from the airport of San Fransisco*

Chpater 8 The PlanEdit

Sikowitz, Andre, Beck Jade, Cat, and robbie were watching the news in horror while ZIM got the microship he used in the Invader Zim episode NANOZIM

Beck: So you finally got that thing working again huh?

ZIM: Yeah, no thanks to Dib.

Camera cuts to the TV and shows a news reporter in a news helicopter. News reporter: After methodically smashing every port city, highway, and airport, the giantess known as Tori Vega has finally returned to Los Angeles to cause some havoc.

Anyway, she's already begun carving a swath of death and destruction through the business district. Psychologists believe that severe stress, compounded with an apparent effort to kill her with her own growth, drove Tori Vega to the breaking point.

News: reporter: Now let's go on the scene with Correspondent Sue Swartzenstein.

The scene shifted to the top of a building that stood a block away from the U.S Bank Tower. Sue stood in front of the camera, her arm in a cast and sling, and her head wrapped in bandages, no doubt because of her last encounter with the titanic teenager.

Sue: Thank you, random news reporter.

Tori stepped into view behind her, kicking aside parked cars and trucks. It wasn't long before the street was ablaze with flaming, wrecked cars. She then began bringing down her fists on the building's roof, no doubt intending to make it collapse in on itself.

Sue: As you can see, the homicidal Hollywood Arts student is busily smashing up everything in sight, and so far local law enforcement has been unable to bring enough firepower to stop her,.

At that moment, the outer wall of the building had crumbled away and collapsed.

Sue: However, there are reports that the Pentagon is readying the Air Force to take action, should local forces prove incapable of containing this menace. "It remains to be seen if...."


Sue: Will you stop. That's embarrasing. What the-

Then she looked to see the water bubbling only to see that is really WAS Godzilla who was rising out of the ocean to wreak havoc.*

Tori: HEY What the-

Tori then made her way over to Godzilla. The giant radioactive lizard was 50 feet taller than Tori, but this did not intimidate her the least bit

Tori: What the heck is this? Are you telling me you just HAD to swim from Tokyo to wreck this particular city on this particular day.

Godzilla: *lets out his trademark roar

Tori: Don't roar at me. Look, Godzilla, with all due respect, this is my vengence fueled rampage of destruction, so if you get in the way, people will focus on you more than me, thus ruining it.

Godzilla stares at Tori, confused*

Tori: Oh come on, you can do without getting in on the giant monster action just once. Go, leave.

Godzilla reluctantly complies, and walks back into the ocean, muttering under his breath

ZIM: We better get going quick. You guys get in the car to try and get Tori to calm down. The only way I'll be able to remove the fang lodged in her arm is to go...INSIDE TORI!

Cat: on it.

Everyone walks into the car

Chapter 9 The plan part 2Edit

While ZIM shrunk himself down to microscopic size to get in the microship for his plan to unfold, Sikowitz, with Cat, Andre, Beck, Robbie, and Jade in the back, was driving through the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Normally, he has tendecy to be speeding, but this time he had a good reason to be. After all, it was one of his best students, Tori Vega, who had now grown to monstrous size and was terrorizing the city after a lot of stress and a bully had made her snap.

Beck: Good news, guys. I was on the phone with ZIM and he said that he is ready to go on his mission inside Giant Tori. If we can somehow get Tori to relax, we can-

Jade: Oh please, do you honestly think there is any way to reason with a giant 50 foot tall rampaging high school girl. Beck: Now that I think about it, you have a point.

Andre: Hey, wait, remember those tranquilizers you used to get that angry pig to calm down. Maybe we can use those to put Tori to sleep long enough for ZIM to remove the fang.

Jade: Well, I only had three of those and I used two.

Andre: That won't be enough to bring her down.

Cat: "Don't worry, Andre. The school nurse says they can just use all the sedatives they've got from the school to the U.S. Bank Tower. Now, I have no idea how they plan to administer them, but the nurse said we should just worry about finding a way to get Tori at the U.S. Bank Tower.

Sikowitz: Good idea. But how?

Jade: Two words: Live bait.

Beck: Live bait? You can't possibly be suggesting-

Andre: Actually, I think Jade's on to something. But we better do it fast. Because President Obama said he's liable to order an air strike if this keeps up.

Sikowitz: Yeah. You'd think a 50 foot Tori wouldn't be that hard to find.

Robbie: Hold on, lemme turn on the radio. Maybe they'll mention where... SIKOWITZ, LOOK OUT!!!"

Sikowitz looked ahead to see a water tower, ripped clean off of some building, come crashing down onto the street. It burst open as it struck the street, unleashing a tremendous wave of water that rushed down the street, sweeping up everything as it rushed past, including Sikowitz's car. The car only stopped when it slammed into the side of another building.

Robbie: Never mind. I think we're close Then Sikowitz was cut off by booming tremors making the street quake. It was Tori, coming around the corner. Her face made it seem clear that she was still bent on causing as much death and destruction as possible before finding Rebecca.*

Tori: WHERE ARE YOU REBECCA?! COME OUT AND FACE ME YOU LITTLE COWARD (Tori then stopped and pondered for a second) On second thought, DO TAKE YOUR TIME REBECCA! I'M HAVING TOO MUCH FUN TRYING TO FLUSH YOU OUT! And with that, she took a more aggressive approach. She brought up one leg and launched a kick right into an apartment building; her leg effortlessly tore through it, and it collapsed almost instantly. Then she turned around and launched an uppercut into another building, tearing away almost half of the wall and causing broken glass and bricks to rain down on the street below. And the look on her face, it was one of pure exultation! Once again, it was all too obvious the rage she had kept bottled up since this incident began had finally warped her mind. She wouldn't be happy until Los Angeles was in ruins.

Cat: Holy guacamole, we gotta stop her before she tears apart the whole city. Get closer, Sikowitz. We need to lure her to the U.S. Bank Tower and get her to chase us. Tori then started for a Camaro and began to get ready to stomp on it. Right before she could, it suddenly transformed into Bumblebee from the Transformers movie.

Bumblebee: DARN IT, LADY! Can't an Autobot get any peace and quiet while he's taking a nap?! (transforms and speeds off)

Tori: O..K.

Then Tori was walking towards them. She looked down onto the street and recognized Sikowitz's car.

Sikowitz: What's going on? She's not taking the bait. We got to do something to make her angry and...

Sinjin: Oh my darling, my awesomely beautiful engine of destruction.

Jade: How did HE get in here. (pushes Sinjin out of the car)

She then started after them.

Andre: She took the bait. Sikowitz, DRIVE!!!

Chapter 10 Tori vs the military part 2Edit

Meanwhile, Tori attempted to smash her foot on Sikowitz' car, with Sikowitz, Andre, Cat, Beck, Robbie, Rex and Jade inside( Robbie and Rex got in after Sikowitz picked them up. They were just too scared to say anything in the previous chapter). Sikowitz quickly pulled in reverse, narrowly missing getting crushed by Tori's foot. He then started driving to their destination: The U.S. Bank Tower. Sikowitz kept his eyes on the road as Tori's thundering footsteps grew louder, signaling she was hot on their tail.

Cat: The sooner we get to the U.S. Bank Tower, the better.

Beck: Are you sure you know where we are going to get there, Sikowitz.

Sikowitz: I've been traveling around LA many times. So I know where I'm going.

Andre: Oh no, she's gaining on us.

Sikowitz: Don't worry. I have installed a rocket boost in my car a few years ago because I was once a racer.

Andre: Well use it now, because Mega Tori is getting closer.

Sikowitz then used his speed boost. He swerved to avoid crashing into other cars. And Rex, was contiuning to film Tori.*

Robbie: Rex, now's not the time for filming her.

Rex: But I like to.

Beck: Keep it up, Sikowitz. The U.S. Bank Tower is just another mile away.

Cat then looked behind her and saw Tori was no longer pursuing them.*

Cat: What the...Where did she go?

They turned around to realize that Tori had jumped right in FRONT of them. She reached down for Sikowitz' car. She brought it up in front of her head, glaring at them angrily*

Tori: You know, I was going to smash you right now. But no, I'll wait till I find Rebecca. She's my primary target. Now where do I put you so you can't get away?

Tori then let out a cry of suprise. She felt something hitting her back. It was some military copters firing their machine guns at her. Tori then grabbed one and crumpled it up like a soda can. She then looked down at tanks firing at her as well. She punched a building, sending part of it crashing to the ground, burying the tanks in rubble. She picked a steel beam from the rubble and used it as a baseball bat to strike at a helicopter.*

Tori had little time to revel in her victory, however. She heard several engines approaching. Glancing over her shoulder, Tori saw several military cars and S.W.A.T. vans closing in. Tori took a good look around her, trying to decide where it was best to make her stand. Then she swatted a copter out of the air and onto the street by slapping it with her hand. She then picked up a soldier, looked at him for a quick second, and threw him.

General Van Kleef, Sinjin's dad, led the brigade sent out to deal with the insane, towering teenager. Like everyone else, he was surprised how a mild-mannered, nice girl like Tori could simply explode with homicidal rage. Guess it just went to show that eventually, those pushed too far will always push back. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, Tori was pushing back at a time when she had the strength to topple buildings like dominoes.

Army man: Do you think we have enough firepower to take her down this time?

General: We just have to keep Tori busy till the rest of the tanks come in. Hopefully, that will be enought to take her out.

Army man: It just doesn't feel write. Using all this artillery on a poor high school girl.

The military unleashed everything they had, firing dozens of missiles and rocket-propelled grenades at her. This time, so many came at her at once, Tori couldn't advance, being forced to cross her arms in front of her in a vain attempt to defend herself. Their weapons left painful burns and some even penetrated her skin. Globs of thick, hot blood splattered all over the street.

Unfortunately, the cops eventually had to reload. As soon as Tori sensed a lull in their barrage, she charged forward with a furious battle cry. Ignoring the pain from the few missiles and grenades still coming at her, she ran at them and, just like at The Hollywood Bowl, dispersed them all with one sweep of her foot. The lucky ones merely had half the bones in their bodies broken.

But no sooner did she rid herself of one threat before another immediately reared its head. Tori heard tanks approaching from behind her. She whirled around, seeing five tanks drawing near. Whoever was operating them wasted no time with warnings...or rather, their warning came in the form of a single shot. Tori jumped out the way

Tori: You'll never stop me. So do you give up?

The tank commanders opted to keep firing instead, this time aiming for areas like Tori's knees, arms and face. However, Tori didn't say still for them. A split second before the shells would have hit her, Tori walked right through a building demolishing. Since the tanks weren't as mobile as the helicopters and the S.W.A.T. vans, she could simply come around and once it dawned on the tank commanders what Tori had in mind, it was too late. Tori smashed from a building behind them just as the tanks turned their turrets around. But before they could fire, Tori reached for the first one. She hoisted it up effortlessly, lifting it over her head, then with a furious scream hurled it through a building.

Tori continued to destroy military vehicles with immense ferocity. They were badly damaged, and were forced to fall back.

Chapter 11 The second planEdit

ZIM boarded his shrinking craft and shrunk it to the size of a mosquito. He flew toward Tori at top speed. ZIM was shocked, because Tori now looked more gigantic than ever. He waited for her to open her mouth to laugh in triumph, and he descened into Tori's throat. Naturally, she was oblivious to ZIM entering her body, as she was too busy smashing the city. Zim traveling through Tori's bloodstream to get to her arm where the fang is located.

ZIM was busily navigating through Tori's bloodstream, making her way down to her left arm, where the snake fang was located. At least, he was trying to. At the moment, he was hoplessly lost.

ZIM: Ugh, this is even harder than navigating through the Earth boy, Dib's body. Completley different physiology, extremely different size. And I have no clue where I'm going. Hmm, there seems to be a large amount of radioactivity near my location. That's coming from the fang that's making her grow. Hopefully, I'll be there soon. Meanwhile, Sikowitz, Andre, Cat, Beck, Jade, Robbie, and Rex were recovering from the shock they felt.*

Sikowitz: I can't believe this. Governor Schwartzenegger is throwing everything they've got at her.

Beck: True, but I think we should worry more about the military than Tori.

  • Tori stomps on another tank*

Cat: We HAVE to try luring her to the hospital again. But she said she wants to save us for last. So I doubt she'll chase us again.

Robbie: Perhaps we need better bait.

Andre: What do you mean?

Rex: Don't you get it? Her primary target all this time was Rebecca. If she thinks we got her, she'll follow us.

Beck: But we don't know where she is.

Rex: But I said, if she THINKS we have her. We need to find someone that looks like her. From Tori's new perspective, she probably can't tell a lookalike from the real thing.

Beck: Well, it's not like we have a better plan. We'll have to do it before Obama gives the air strike a green light...

Chapter 12 Tori vs MechaGodzillaEdit

Tori had finally disposed of the last tank, lifting it over her head and ripping it in half. Then she went back to smash more buildings.

Luckily, she took no notice of her Hollywood Arts friends crowded around a sports car parked along the street. Jade Beck Cat, and Robbie, looked around impatiently waiting for Sikowitz and Andre to come back. And Rex was still filming Tori as she stomped down the street.

Jade: Oh, this isn't going to work. What're the odds of finding anyone that even remotely looks like REBECCA?!?!

Sikowtiz: Do you have ANY faith at all?

Jade turned around, and he was shocked when he actually found someone that looked like Rebecca. She was knocked unconcious and tied up. Beck immediatley recognized her.

Beck: Sikowitz, where did you find her? This is Sue Schwartsenpatch, female news reporter.

Sikowitz: What? If you think Tori won't fall for...

Beck: No, it's not that at all. She has black hair, is as big of a jerk as Rebecca. She's perfect. We couldn't ask for a better look-a-like.

Then they realized Sue was about to wake up again. Then When Jade noticed this, she hit Sue on the head knocking her out again.

Now that Tori had eliminated the immediate opposition, she was free to go back to wreaking havoc freely. And wreak havoc she did, going down the street and slamming her fists and her feet through just about every building she came across. Tons of debris rained down and scattered across the street, making things much more difficult for the people fleeing Tori's rampage. Among them was about a dozen cowardly people screaming, "We're all gonna die!!"

However, after a few minutes of uninterrupted mayhem, another threat reared its head.

General Van Kleef: 'with megaphone' Alright, Tori, enough is enough. You got one last chance to stand down or we'll be forced to use force.

Tori: Oh, yeah. MAKE ME!!!

General Van Kleef: 'lets out regretful sigh' I'm sorry it had to come to this, Tori, but you left us NO choice. EVERYONE, SEND IN MECHAGODZILLA!

Then a bunch of helicopters carried in a giant robot about Tori's height that greatly resmembled Godzilla. Mechagodzilla let out a mechanical roar.

Tori: Another monster from the Godzilla movies? You got to be kidding me.

Chapter 13 Tori catches RebeccaEdit

Mechagodzilla took advantage of Tori's shock and lunged forward, delivering a devastating punch to her midsection. Tori lashed out with a kick, sweeping Mechagodzilla off his feet. They continued to beat each other up for 5 minutes, but then Tori gained the upper hand and ripped MechaGodzilla's head off, revealing General Van Kleef. She glared at the Genreral.

Tori: Y'know, I'm glad you tried something like this. It gives me a perfect excuse to squash you!

Sikowitz and the gang arrived near Tori's location. They used a megaphone so she could hear.

Sikowtiz: Forget about the General, Tori. We have something better for you.

Tori then looked down at the car and saw a woman that looked like Rebecca.

Her blood rising to a boil, Tori roared as she tossed MechaGodzilla aside, having lost all interest in th General. Everyone she was REALLY after were all together! She reached down for the car, but it immediately sped off, and Tori ran after them, determined to catch them. There was no way she'd let them all escape again.... Being tied to the roof of a car going at well over a hundred miles per hour, with the sound of Tori's booming footfalls resonating all around, it wasn't long before Sue awoke. At first, she wondered where she was, why she was tied down...then she looked up at the enraged, homicidal giantess chasing them, and reacted the same way most anyone would....


Cat: Well, sounds like our stand-in's awake.

Andre: Anyway, it looks like you were right. She's having trouble keeping up this time. Just a few more minutes, and we'll be at the hospital,"

For a while, everything did look hopeful. Their jacked car easily kept ahead of a tiring, wounded Tori, and it looked like she had no clue that she was being lured into a trap. Soon, they had led Tori to the downtown area.

Andre: OK It looks like soon we'll be at the U.S. Bank Tower.

As they rounded a corner, an exhausted Tori slipped and fell. She slid along the ground, skidding to a halt with her face next to a gas station.

And at that gas station was a truck with a bunch of teenagers crowded around it...and refueling that truck was the REAL REBECCA!

For a moment, Tori simply stared at Rebecca, who likewise stared back with a look of utter shock and horror. Tori looked back at the car she had been chasing, which had come to a halt. She could still see that woman tied to the top. She looked back at the gas station, seeing that THIS Rebecca had just driven off in her truck and left her friends behind.

Tori slammed her fists into the ground, making the ground quake. Only the real Rebcca would be cowardly enough to ditch her friends like that! She had been tricked! Well, her family could wait. She'd go after them once she caught the conniving jerk that tried to kill her with her own growth!

Tori rose and sprinted after the truck, which was heading back the way she had come. Luckily, it couldn

't accelerate as quickly as that jacked sports car. She lashed out with a kick, nicking the side of it. She hoped to make it careen out of control. Her plan worked, and Rebecca's truck crashed through a gate surrounding some sort of tool shop, then smashed through the shop's garage.

It was at this moment that Rebecca learned the true definition of the word 'fear'. Driven forward by pure, desperate fear, Rebecca dragged herself out of the driver's seat, every muscle in her body aching. She clutched at her chest as searing pain cut through it; she had probably broken a rib or two after slamming into the steering wheel.


With another roar of fury, Tori reached down into the garage, and grasped Rebecca between her fingers. At last, she was about to put Rebecca in her place.

Chapter 14 Sanity's returnEdit

Tori laughed as Rebecca screamed and struggled fruitlessly in her grip. At long last, she could put her arch-nemesis in her place. Tori slowly brought Rebecca up to face, sinckering evilly as she watched the tiny woman vainly try to free herself, relishing the look of sheer terror in her eyes. She had every reason to be afraid, considering what was in store.

Tori: IT'S YOUR TURN TO BE PICKED ON NOW, JERKWAD!!! Now what to do to you...HEY I got it.

With that, she tossed Rebecca up in the air. Rebecca came back down, screaming, and landed in the palm of Tori's hand, only to be tossed back up again and again.

Rebecca: I think I'm going to be sick. (throws up)

Tori: What next? Sorry it's taking so long to decide, Rebecca. It's just taking a while, mulling over all the things you've ever done, everythin insult you've ever hurled my way...Hey, I have another idea. You always stole some of my toys I brought in school when we were little. How would you like to BE the toy?

Rebecca: No, I don't want to be the toy. I-

Tori: TOO LATE!!!

Tori then swirled Rebecca up in the air and swooped her down near street level until she got sick.

Tori: Next we should-

Andre: Tori, for the sake of all that is good and cheesy STOP!!!

Tori looked down at the ground. Her friends had finally caught up with them, they were standing on a wrecked highway, and Andre was speaking through a megaphone.

Tori: Pipe down. I'll get to you soon.

Andre: No, Tori. We're not going to run and hide anymore. We are going to settle this, one way or another.

Tori grabs them all and lifts them off the ground.

Tori: You might as well see what's in store for Rebcca, 'cause you all are next. I haven't forgotten you had a part in what happened last night.

Beck: Tori, why can't you realize that's what Rebecca WANTED you to think?! There's no question Rebecca's a big JERKWAD, Tori. So knowing that, don't you think she would've wanted you to die thinking everyone you know had backstabbed you?!

As much as Tori hated to admit it, what Beck said made sense. Despite herself, doubt began to rear its head where there had once been only cold certainty.

Tori: I...I...

She looked back at Rebecca, then back at her friends.

Tori: Well, can you blame me for believing her. For what how she treated me back at Sherwood. And more recently, being the focus of a new Robarazzi skit?

Robbie: And WHY did Rex do it? To get you enough cash to restore you to Normal. I'm not saying Rex's idea was right, but I understand WHY he did it. And Tori, you have every right to hate Rebecca for what she did, for feeling alienated after almost everyone in town was afraid of you, but...does that give you the right to go on a rampage like this?

Beck: Yeah, If you go ahead and kill Rebecca, will that make you any better than her? No. It won't And if you keep this up, do you think anyone will get over their fear? If you keep this up, No.

Beck: Tori, listen to me, I don't know what more I can do to get through to you, but...all I can do is hope you believe us when we say we think you're a great friend and...and that you've just got to calm down!

Tori then put her friends down and kneeled down and began crying with her hands over her face, making puddles on the street(she did this in Chapter 3). Rebecca, still in Tori's hand, pulled out an umbrella.

Tori: Guys, I'm so sorry. I should've known this was part of Rebecca's plan to do away with me.

Beck: So, does that mean you'll let Rebecca go?

Tori: Nope.

She may have been wrong about her friends, but Rebecca was a different story entirely. She then opened her mouth and lifted Rebecca above it. Everyone knew exactly what she was thinking.




Tori then dropped Rebecca into her mouth. She torturously teased for a moment by knocking her around with her tongue. Then she finally shut her mouth.... and swallowed her whole.(In other words, SHE ATE HER!)

Everyone except Tori: NO!!

They watched as the lump that was obivously Rebecca travel down Tori's throat.

Meanwhile, Rebecca was screaming and slid all the way down from Tori's esophagus and into her stomach.

Rebecca: Ew, I'm in Tori's stomach.

She starts pounding on Tori's stomach walls out of desperation.


Tori: Cut it out in there! How are you even still alive in there? I thought you'd wind up dying from lack of oxygen, the stomach acids, or being slam into my stomach walls at breakneck speed.

Rebecca: I got to think of a way out of here.

Chapter 15 EndgameEdit

ZIM had finally plotted a surefire course toward Tori's left arm, deciding it was best to travel up along her spinal cord. And while being so close to an integral part of Tori's nervous system, ZIM's computer actually let him tap into it. He was privy of everything Tori saw, heard and said.

ZIM: Oh, this is just too rich!" "Rebecca, once the most popular Sherwood student in LA, now nothing but the tiniest morsel for Tori. I trust you'll now think twice before blasting anyone about 'smallness. But alas, if I just sit by and let the jerk buy it, I'll never hear the end of it from that know-it-all dog. I'm going to regret this tomorrow, but....

With that, ZIM hit a button, causing his ship to send an electrical impulse up to Tori's brain.

Tori was smiling to herself and licking her lips, flush with victory after having triumphed over her nemesis at last. However, it didn't last long. All of a sudden, an overpowering impulse to vomit swept over Tori. Tori clasped her hands over her mouth, determined to keep it down and ensure Rebcca died in her stomach. A wave of dizziness washed over Tori and she stumbled forward, almost trampling her friends. She rushed past an apartment building, accidently taking out some of the walls of the top floors with her elbow.

At last, the impulse to throw up won over her willpower. Tori hunched over and puked all over the side of the apartment building she had just stomped past, completely drenching it and filling the air with the acidic stench of vomit. And eventually, the quivering form of Rebecca emerged from Tori's mouth and tumbled painfully to the street below.

Rebecca: Thank goodness I'm finally out of there. It was stinky in there.

However, a new, unwelcome sound forced Tori to look behind her.

A squadron of F-22 Raptor jets was closing in. Without warning, a missile streaked passed Tori, and she swerved her body just in time to avoid getting blasted. One of the jets happened to be Starscream, who transformed into his robot and landed on the ground.

Tori: Starscream, YOU are part of the Air Force?

Starscream: Yeah. Lord Megatron told me to get an Earth job. He then pointed his cannons at her and opened fire. So did the other jets.

Beck: Oh no, the Air Force is closing in!

Just when it looked like Tori could actually be reasoned with, the Air Force had been ordered to strike! Tori then battled the jets. She knocked a few out of the sky, but most of them were too fast and manuverable. Tori roared angrily, as she tried to swat the rest of the jets out of the sky, and the jets were firing missiles at her. They were powerful enough to actually hurt Tori.

Meanwhile, inside ZIM's craft, the alien invader grabbed onto the console, struggling to pull himself back into his seat.

ZIM: That was a c-close one. Lucky I was still tapped into her nervous system and saw that coming. Was able to throw up the deflector shields in time."

ZIM seated himself again, seeing that the viewscreen was still online. "And here we are, right at the heart of darkness," said ZIM as he closely examined the viewscreen. Deep in Tori's arm was the radioactive snake fang partially responsible for this whole mess(the major one was the snake itself. It had not grown along with Tori's body, but to ZIM, it was the length of a Boeing 747. And there were several capillaries attached to it, as it the fang had become a part of Tori's body.

ZIM: Hmmm, this won't take too long

He powered up the cutting laser, severing the first capillary.

Starscream and the jets continued to fire at Tori, as the rest of the gang looked up nervously at their friend. The blank look in her was impossible to tell what she was feeling, what she was thinking. Would she simply go on a rampage again, enraged all over again by the F-22 raptor/1 Transformer attack? Or would she finally see reason and calm down?

Eventually, ZIM finally severed the last capillary attached to the fang, and Zim's mosquito-sized ship rocketed out of Meg's arm, and the fang along with it. ZIM was able to regain control over his ship soon enough, but the fang rocketed far across the horizon, out of sight.

And then, to everyone's utter bewilderment, Tori's size slowly started to dwindle. The shrinking started off slowly, but soon it became more rapid. In less than a minute, Tori had shrank back to her normal size. And then she finally collapsed again, aching all over and utterly exhausted.

Beck: Tori, I'm so glad you're all right. *kisses Tori on the lips in relief.

Jade: BECK!!!

Beck: Oh, sorry Jade.

Tori: I'm back to normal. Oh, I thought this would never come. Something must've removed the fang from my arm. Oh, thank goodness.

Beck: Actually, we had a friend to help us.

Zim and his ship returned to their normal sizes as well.

Andre: Tori, meet ZIM. He helped get the fang out of your arm and return you to normal.

Tori: Bless you, ZIM. Wait, you mean the alien from the TV show.

Jade: Pretty much.

Sikowitz: Zim, I don't know how we can repay you.

ZIM: I have an idea. *Whispers in Sikowitz' ear.

Sikowitz: Ok, you have a deal.

Starscream: Ok, boys, the deed is done. Let's head back to base.

Starscream then transformed and headed back to the base along with the other fighter jets.

Sikowitz: Come on, Tori. Let's get you back to Hollywood Arts. At last, it's all over. Everything is back to normal. Except for the city itself, which you destroyed, but we'll take care of that.

Chapter 16 EpilogueEdit

Almost two months had passed since Tori's rampage through Los Angeles.

Slowly but surely, all traces of Tori's psychotic breakdown were being cleared away. Buildings were rebuilt, ruined roads and mangled water lines repaired, police and army vehicles replaced, and the airport, docks and power plant were all in working order again. And ZIM finally got his Nickelodeon TV show new episodes again and an Operation DOOM DVD.

But perhaps most importantly, it seemed like Tori had her life changed forever. After several weeks of extensive, court-ordered therapy and counseling, Tori had come to terms with everything that had happened.

And now, her therapy complete, she was back at Hollywood Arts. At first, Tori had feared that they would despise her and shun her; she HAD tried to kill them all, after all. But instead, they had welcomed her back with open arms, and did their best to help her not get angry.

Robbie: Coming up on Robarazzi special, A giant Tori on the rampage through a city caught on tape.

Andre and the gang sit down with a guilty-feeling Tori.

Andre: What's the matter Tori?

Cat: Yeah, aren't you happy that you're back to your normal size and, all the revenue from the Robarazzi skit is what's paying for rebuilding the entire city

Tori: *lets out a sigh of guilt Yeah, I guess so. It's just too bad nothing can be done about all the people I killed.

Beck: Don't worry about it Tori. I figured out a way through that.

Tori: Really? How?

Beck: Let's just say, I know a guy.

'flashback '

Beck: Uh, OK, just run this by me one more're saying you're a genie and you'll grant me any three wishes I want. No rules, no restrictions.

Norm the Genie from Fairly Oddparents: Yeah, that's basically it.

Beck: OK. I wish all the people my friend killed were brought back to life.

Norm grants his wish.

Beck: Anyway, Tori wrecked all of Los Angeles and it's gonna cost a fortune to rebuild. Any chance I could use the second wish to-

Cosmo and Wanda: THERE HE IS! GET HIM!

Cosmo and Wanda beat up Norm

'flash back ends'

Tori: Oh. I see. One question. What happened to the radioactive alien snake responsible for this whole mess.

Jade: I know what happened.

Animal control agency

The snake is kept in a cage, and it is trying desperatley to get out.

Guard #1: That's the ugliest snake I've ever seen.

Guard #2: Yeah.

The End