Cat Falls for Andre
Cat, Andre, and Tori
Season 1
Created by JayleyOTP
Directed by JayleyOTP
Episode Guide
The Breakup, The Birthday, and the kiss


  • Candre
  • Tandre
  • Cug
  • Tucenzie


While working on a song together. Cat bcones attracterd towards Andre. She get's attracted to him. She and him sing a song called Notice Me. Cat wrote it but Andre just made it a little better. When Andre said her song was "Sweet and cute as her" she falls in love.


Jade relizes Cat likes Andre and tries to attempt to get Tori jealus by it. Tori knows she jeslous but tries not to get Jade to relize it. She get's into an arguement with Jade when Tori says "Jade, look Cat doesn't like Andre, and I'm not jealous so get over it because your wrong". Tori feel's bad and finally admits to Jade she is jealous and they hug.

Cat denying her feelings to Andre to Robbie.


  • Cat revelas she dumped Tug in this episode becauise he cheated on her with Trina (though Trina was completly unaware Tug was cheating on her).
  • Andre called Cat's song "Sweet and Cute just like her" implying he might think Cat is cute.
  • When Jade reads Cat's diary she reads that "Andre is the cutest guy in the world" before they worked on that song it is possible Cat liked Andre vefore they worked on that song, and them when they worked oin it she felt deeply in love.