This is the second Christmas episode of Victorious.Deck the Halls is sung by penelope rain and its not christmas without you is sung again by Tori,Cat,Andre,and Jade


Its christmas at hollywood arts and Tori wants to do regular christmas celebrating.Everyone leaves for Xmas break except for tori, trina, isabella, and penelope.Tori is bummed but still tries to have the best xmas ever.They try to make gingerbread cookies but they end up burning and They can't get a real xmas tree because trina gets a fever.Tori realizes every thing is going bad so Isabella suggest they go christmas caroling.Hardly anyone pays attention to them so Penelope sets up and amp and a microphone and they perform their own version of Deck the Halls.They are praised for their performance and The gang comes back after Trina called them.Tori,Cat,Andre and Jade then perform its not Christmas without you.Tori realizes she did have the best Christmas ever.Tori's parents walk in with fresh gingerbread cookies and they open presents and have a Christmas feast.The episode ends with Tori reading a line from a book(just like in A Christmas Tori) saying "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"


- Deck the halls and its not christmas without you is perform

- Many refrences are made to a Christmas Tori

- Most of the gang(except Tori,Trina,Isabella,and Penelope) are absent for this episode