jade and daniel kiss

Daniel's Back is the first episode of season 4. In this episode Daniel (Cat's New Boyfriend) is seen with Jade by Tori. She asks "What are you doing Jade?". Jade replies, "I hooked up with Daniel, your ex." Tori lies and says she feels great about it, but the lie becomes less of a lie later. It become less of one when Tori catches Beck's other ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Vaughn coming in to try to steal Daniel in revenge for Jade taking back Beck in the episode "Jade dumps Beck." Jade ends up convincing Tori to help her and Tori talks to Cat about it, causing both to stop Alyssa from stealing Daniel.

Meanwhile, Robbie and Trina volunteered for the lead role in the same two plays, one by Beck, the other by André. Beck has to choose either Trina or Robbie and so does André, but they both were terrible in auditions.


Janiel (Jade West and Daniel Jackson)

Dalyssa (Alyssa Vaughn and Daniel Jackson)


This episode introduces Daniel's last name is Jackson