(Episode starts with the gang by the lockers, Mackenzie, Matt, and Peppy walk by them)
Peppy: Hey guys!
(They greeted them)
Cat: Hi Peppy, the girl who looks just like me! Heeheehee!
Matt: Did you know Sikowitz is up to something?
Beck: Up to what?
Mack: You see, he's been addicted to this new catalog this month, it's called "Toy Weapons".
Tori: Toy weapons?
Andre: Then?
Peppy: He buys tons of stuff from that catalog for almost every school day! (giggles)
Jade: So, he's just a teacher who loves weapons, what's so wrong about it!
Matt: Those weapons actually work.
(Their eyes widen)
Robbie: So you mean if they hit you, something's gonna happen to you?
Rex: Like hypnotizing North Ridge girls?
Mack: Yup!
Cat: Oooh! One time, when my brother was playing with a toy gun, he accidentally put his candy inside it so he tried to yank it out but there was a very little explosion.
(They stare at Cat, with confused looks)

Opening Song: Make it Shine

Sikowitz: Welcome class, to the world of acting!
Tori: I thought we're in the world of acting since the first day of school.
Sikowitz: Well we're entering a different world of acting!
Andre: I don't get it.
Sikowitz: Nevermind. Cat! Robbie! Stage!
(Cat and Robbie go onstage)
Sikowitz: Cat, you'll be playing a farm girl who likes to break into song! Robbie, you'll play the farm girl's wife who's always grouchy and acts like an old man! Here are your scripts. (gives them the scripts)
Robbie: (looks confused) Wait a minute! This script's about pirates in space! Where's the script for the farm scene?
Cat: (giggles) I wanna be a pirate in space! Aaargh! Nevermind I just wanna be a farm girl.
Beck: Ummm Sikowitz? How are they gonna perform the scene?
Jade: Sssshhh! I wanna see them go crazy!
Sikowitz: I'll make 'em perform with this!
(Sikowitz freezes Robbie with his freeze ray)
Cat: Aaaahhh! What was that for?!
Jade: Yeah! Why did you- Nevermind I don't care about him!
Beck: Jade! Want me to give you another timeout?
Andre: We've gotta do something!
Tori: RUN!!!! (Tori, Andre, Beck, Jade, and Cat run out of the classroom)
Jade: Okay, WHAT JUST HAPPENED???!!!
Cat: I think Sikowitz just froze my best friend!!!
Beck: Okay, so what's the plan
(They hear screaming inside Sikowitz's classroom)
Tori': Did you just hear that?
Jade: Yeah, let's take a peek inside.
(They look inside)
Andre: Oh my god!
Beck: He froze everyone including Mack, Matt, and Peppy!
Cat: My duppleganger! (giggles)
Jade: Duppleganger? I thought your friend is your doppleganger?
Cat: Oh yeah.
Tori: Let's just split up and look for "survivors".
Beck: Agreed.
Andre: Okay, Tori and I are gonna go near the Black Box Theater, Beck, Cat, and Jade, you guys are gonna go to the main hall.
Cat: Kk.
(They split up)
Jade: Okay, I wanna get that freeze ray and hit it on the girls who like Beck. (evil laugh)
Beck: Jade!
Jade: Ugh.
Cat: Yay! Now, let's start our adventure!
Jade: (sarcastically) Okay! Let's find the map! It's the map it's the map it's the map! Boy, I gotta stop doing that!
Beck: Okay, I don't see anyone here, not even a single person! OH MY GOSH Cat!
(Shows Cat frozen while following a kitten)
Jade: She was following a kitten? And she was frozen?!
Beck: We've gotta call Tori and Andre. (dials Andre's number)
Andre: (answers phone call) Hello, what's up Beck?
Beck: Ummm we've got a situation. Cat's been frozen.
Tori and Andre: WHAT?!
Jade: She was just following a kitten, then Sikowitz froze her.
Andre: Okay, bring her to the school clinic, then let's go to Lane.
Tori: We'll meet you there as fast as we could.
(End of phone call)

TheSlap Update
Tori Vega: Our teacher just FROZE our BEST FRIEND! Mood: Scared

(Shows them in Lane's office)
Lane: Wait, Sikowitz freezes students with his so-called "freeze ray"?
Tori, Andre, Beck, and Jade: Yup!
Lane: But I know one thing about his addiction to stuff.
Beck: What?
Lane: He'll stop getting addicted to stuff when he gets interested to something else.
Jade: (imitating Tori) Well that's swell info!
Tori: I don't talk like that (attempts to beat up Jade, but is stopped by Andre) Andre! Can I just punch her in the face?
Andre: Tori, we had a deal, Jade was nice to you for a week, so you have to do the same.
Tori: Fine, but I'll just do this 'cause I love you
Andre: Awww.
Jade: (sighs) Boyfriends, they always prevent you from being hurtful.
Tori: Touche
Lane: Okay guys, I'm gonna...RUN OUT SO I WON'T GET FROZEN!!! (runs away)
Beck: I've never seen him that crazy before.
Jade: Ugh, let's just split up again!
Andre: Same thing?
Beck: Yup!
Tori: I'mma comin'.
(They split up)

Andre: Hey Tor.
Tori: Yeah?
Andre: I kinda left my phone in Sikowitz's classroom. You'll stay here, okay?
Tori: But what if he freezes you, I don't want anything bad to happen to you!
Andre: Relax, I'll be right back. That's why I want you to be left here, so you might not get frozen with me.
Tori: Good luck. (kisses Andre)
Andre: Good luck. (leaves Tori)
(Sikowitz is seen walking really slowly to surprise Tori)
Sikowitz: BOO!!!
Tori: AAAHHH!!! (tries to run away, but stopped by Sikowitz) Andre, HELP!!!
(Andre hears Tori screaming for help)
Andre: Tori?
Tori: AAAHHH!!! (gets frozen by Sikowitz)
(Andre sees her frozen)
Andre: TORI!!!! I'm so sorry for leaving you! NO!!! (sees Sikowitz)
Sikowitz: Aha! Jackpot!
Andre: NO!!! (gets frozen by Sikowitz)

Beck: Umm Jade?
Jade: What?
Beck: I just heard screaming near the hall.
Jade: Yeah, me too.
Beck: Come on, let's go and check.
Jade: Ugh, fine.
(They go to the hall and see Tori and Andre frozen)
Jade: OH....
Beck: MY....
Beck and Jade: God!!!
Beck: What did he do to them?!
Jade: Why did- Oh yeah, I DON'T CARE!
Beck: Jade!
Jade: Fine, let's take them to the clinic.

(They bring them to the clinic)
Jade: Do you have a plan?
Beck: We have to find a place to hide, or else we're in big trouble.
Jade: I got it! We'll hide in the janitor's closet! We can hide and we can cut trash cans inside!
Beck: Come on, let's just go.
(They leave the clinic, and they're headed towards the janitor's closet)
Jade: Hey Beck, lets- (notices Beck is frozen) AAAAHHHH! BECK! NO!!! DON'T!!!
(Jade runs away crying and brings his boyfriend to the clinic)
Jade: (crying) I can't believe I lost all of my friends because I was a jerk! What have I done?! I'll never forget the time when me and my friends were still together. (remembers the time when Tori didn't give up during her first day at Hollywood Arts, the time when she and Cat didn't accept losing in the Karaoke Dokie contest, the time when Andre didn't give up on the record label, the time when Robbie didn't lose hope when Rex got injured, the time when she didn't give up on getting back with Beck, and the time when they didn't give up when they were in prison in Yerba) Wait a minute! I've got an idea!

(Jade is shown to be getting coconuts and making a weapon out of them)
Jade: Sikowitz is gonna be sorry about this! (evil laugh)

TheSlap Update
Jade West: Getting ready for the FINAL BATTLE! Get ready Sikowitz!!! Mood: Devious

(Jade is seen carefully looking for Sikowitz)
Jade: Sikowitz! Come out, come out wherever you are! Come out to play!
Sikowitz: (pops out of nowhere) BOO!
Jade: That didn't scare me at all!
(They both aim each other with their weapons)
Sikowitz: (attempts to freeze Jade with his second-to-the-last "freeze bullet") AHA! JACKPOT! (when it only hit her on the hand, he frowns)
Jade: (tries to shake her hand to remove the coldness) Is that your best shot?! (hits him with her Coconut Gun, making him fall on the floor)
Sikowitz: Ugh! I lost!
Jade: (helps him up) Here. (gives him coconuts)
Sikowitz: Ooohh! Now I'm interested with something else!
Jade: Success!

(Jade sees her friends by the lockers unfrozen but some of them shivering)
Jade: Guys you're back!
(The gang hugs Jade)
Cat: Jade, thanks for saving us!
Robbie: You really saved us from Sikowitz.
Jade: Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Tori: (shivering) Oh, and Jjjjadddde you ttttruly are a hhhhero to us.
Jade: Yeah yeah whatever.
Beck: Guys, are you shivering?
Tori and Andre: (shivering) Yyyyeeeaaahh.
Tori: Itttsss sssoo ccccooolllldd! (hugs Andre)
Andre: Awww, my poor baby. Yyyyooouuu dddonnn't fffeell do gggoood. I'lll ddddrriivve yyyoou hhoommeee.
Cat: Let's just go home.
Robbie: In fact, we all do feel sick except for Jade.
Sikowitz: (pops out of nowhere) BOO! Do you guys wanna play a game? (shows his paintball gun)
Tori, Andre, Beck, Jade, Cat, and Robbie: Aaaahhhh!!! (they run away from him)
Sikowitz: (shows it doesn't actually work) Good ghandi! I was just going to ask them to do a drive-by-acting exercise!