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Isabella Kayden&nbsp

Isabella Kayden a character introduced in the episode "The New Kid In School". She is shown to be very girly.She is friends with Cat,Robbie,Andre,Beck,Tori. She is frenemys with Trina and Jade.she is made by VictoriousCatLover.Her singing can be heard hear:

[is by Brie Larson)]


Her hair is dyed pink with purple highlights.Her natural hair color is Blonde.She Dresses dark but is still girly.She Looks a lot like Jade (in Season 2).

In Season 3Edit

In Season Three Isabella Appears As A Main Recurring Character.She Appears In Almost Every Episode Of Season 3.She now has straight hair and instead a many purple highlights she only has one int the front of her face.

How to make herEdit

In Her Teens:

Get A Picture of Jade and color on pink hair and add purple highlights.

In Her Youth:

Add Blonde hair to a picture of Elizabeth Gillies when she was young



Isabella's locker


Isabella(when she was young)


Elizabeth gillies elizabeth gillies 003 uOijGXI sizedttt

Isabella in Season Three

Apearences in EpisodesEdit

The New Kid In School

Secret Crushes

Make It Happen

My Solo

(I,VictoriousCatLover, will write these episode soon)

Season 3:

Same Episodes As Penelope Rain