Jandre vs. Tandre is an episode on the Victorious Fanon.


Jade and Tori fight for Andre, which Cat gets involved in fights. Meanwhile, Robbie, Beck, and Trina compete for the lead in a play, but they find out it's a scheme.


Scene 1Edit



Andre: Wuuuut?!

Tori: Yep, Andre has a crush on-

Andre: TORI!!!

Tori: Sorry. -leans in for a kiss-

Jade: -pushes Tori-

Andre: Jade! You almost injured Tori!

Jade: Not my fault Tori let herself fall!

Cat: -comes in the room- Is this a closet party?!

Andre: We need your opinion on something.

Cat: On global warming? Cuz I don't think that's real. Seriously, it was about 50 degrees outside for the past few weeks.

Andre: Should I go out with Jade or Tori?

Tori: You're MINE!

Jade: Andre loves me!

Tori: Andre goes up to me for relationship advice! AND WE DO LOTS OF DUETS!


Tori: Jade! We just became friends last month!

Jade: I know, but I now hate you forever.

Andre: Jade, you're taking this too seriously!

Jade: So you don't wanna date me!

Andre: You know what? You both girls wait til morning for me to decide who I should go out with!

Cat: I thought this was a closet party! -attempts to open door to leave, but the door is locked-

Andre: Cat, the door is locked.

Cat, Tori, and Jade: Uh oh.

Jade: How am I gonna get to class?!

Tori: There is a secret passageway to the library! Once we get there, we can find our classes!

Jade: Did I ask you that?

Tori: No.

Tori, Jade, Cat, and Andre: -uses the secret passageway to library-

Scene 2Edit

Robbie: Rex, you stay here and watch my audition!

Rex: Haha, you're not gonna get the lead!

Robbie: Yes, I will!

Trina: -comes in the room- Time for me to be famous!

Rex: Nah, you have no chance of being the lead!

Trina: Shut it, puppet!

Robbie: Trina, Rex is not a puppet!

Beck: -dashes into the room- Time for me to audition!

Robbie: Pfft, you're not gonna get the lead! The part's gonna go to me!

Rex: You and Trina can't be the lead! Beck might.

Beck: Thank you for the help!

Judge: Auditioning next is, Robbie Shapiro.

Robbie: See ya, losers.

Rex: You're the loser!

Robbie: Shh.

Judge: Start!

Robbie: I will sing "Broken Glass".

Judge: -sigh-

Robbie: ♫ It's fun to run, it's fun to play, it's fun to make things out of clay, it's fun to fill your car with gas, it's fun to break, things made of glass! Broken glass may cut your hand, and then you'll bleed across the la- ♫

Judge: You're done!

Rex: Yes, Rob, you did fail.

Robbie: You don't know everything!

Judge: Auditioning next is, Trina Vega.

Trina: You losers will not get this part. I will!

Rex: Yeah, because you're selfish and untalented!

Trina: -gives Rex a disgusted face- ♫ It's an all-night party that you're getting into! You think it's all over, than the joke is on you- ♫

Judge: That was terrible. Get out.

Trina: I'm not finished!

Judge: Security!

Security: -drags Trina away-

Trina: I will get that part!

Scene 3Edit

Andre: -meets Tori and Jade-

Tori: So, who are you going out with?

Jade: Yeah, I bet it's me!

Tori: No, it's me!

Andre: Girls, let me talk!

Tori and Jade: Okay.

Andre: I'm choosing......

Tori: -crosses her fingers- Please be me...

Jade: -crosses her fingers- Please be me...

Andre: Tori!

Tori: -smiling- What?!

Jade: -angry- What?!

Tori: -hugs Andre- Thank you!

Andre: So, where should we have our first date?

Tori: I guess at Nozu.

Andre: I'll be there.

Jade: -whisper to herself- Andre and Tori won't be the only ones there.

Scene 4Edit

Scene 4 will be posted soon! Stay tuned!