Jat or Cacob is the pairing of Jacob Vega and Cat Valentine.  

Jat momentsEdit

  • In the fanon episode I Love Cat Jacob admits that he likes Cat and Cat admits she likes him.
  • They cover the country song Free and Easy Down the Road I go which was sung on their prom night.
  • Cat started going to church with him every Sunday so they would at least get to hang out together ouside of school.
  • They was cast in the play based on the Dino Crisis series.
  • Cat become Jacob's body guard but Jacob is always in a fight with a bully but Jacob sends his enemies to the hospital. 
  • Jacob and Cat care what happens to each other as seeing they love each other very much. 
  • Spending time at their parents houses or at the movies watching 
  • Reading the Hunger Games books. 

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