Everyone is eating lunch

Tori Vega: Hey,I heard Jades new step sister is coming here!

Cat Valentine:I hope she's nice!

Andre Harris:Well if she is anything like Jade then probably not

Tori:Andre,be nice!

Andre:Okay,for you

Beck Oliver:Jade,I can't belive you never introduced me to her!

Jade West:I never told you about her because shes a idiot!

Cat:One time my brother jumped in to a monkey pit at the zoo...The monkeys bit him.

everyone looks at her


Opening Song: Make it Shine


Mr.Erwin Sicowitz:Drive by acting exercise;your all tired Docters!

Mackenzie West enters the room

Mackenzie West:Errr...Am I in the right room?

Sicowitz:Oh! Class Meet Our new student;Mackenzie

Mackenzie:You can call me Mack

The Bell rings

Tori:Hey,im Tori,Thats Cat


Tori:That's Andre,My BF


Tori:That's Robbie and Rex his puppet

Robbie Shapiro:Don't call him a puppet!

Rex:You from Northrige?

Mackenzie:Yeah but I hated it there


Tori:and that's...Wait,wheres Beck?

Robbie:I think I saw Jade run off with him


Trina Vega:Hey!Hey!Tori!


Trina:Can you and Andre help me with something?

Tori:Sorry Andre is busy helping Robbie get a date with Cat

Trina:Ok then,you help me!I need help writing a song and baking a birthday pie!

Tori:For who?

Trina:Lane's Niece,he is paying 30$ for those.

Tori:Only if i get some of the profit!



Andre:Now,go talk to her!

Cat is seen by her locker


Mackenzie is seen walking to cat

The two girls walk away

Andre:Oh well,we can try again later...


Tori:Ok Trina,First we need a keyboard

Trina:But we don't have one!

Tori:Maybe you don't but I do!

Tori pulls out a keyboard

Trina:Cool!Now lets get a-song writin'!

Tori:Ok well,do you know this girl?


Tori:ok well how old will she be?

Trina: 17

Tori:ok...err how about this? Happy,Happy 17th birthday,I don't know ya that well but I know ya really rock.

Trina:Perfect!well we just repeat that over and over, and add something catchy at the end!

Tori:somthing catchy like this?Now blow out your candles and make a wish,a magic wish!

Trina:A magic wish?To kiddy about a Super wish?

Trina:okay,then lets write it down so I can Practice

Tori:But you a BAD singer

Tori plays a tape recording of Trina singing

Trina:I USED to be that bad,but I've been practicing

Trina sings beautifully

Tori:Wow,your actually good!

Trina:Thanks!Now lets write those lyrics down!


Mackenzie:Oh so this is Beck?


Beck:Hi,uh Mackenzie was it?

Mack:[Giggles] Yeah

Beck:Nice to meet you

Cat:One time my brother Met this dude,then he got arrested


Beck:Why did your brother get arrested?

Cat:Because the dude was a cop,ok well gotta go to class!

Beck:Well ok but wh-

Jade:Beck!Why are you talking to that thing?

Mack:[-.-]I gotta go,bye beck [Winks]

Beck:Why do you hate her?

Jade:Because she's a brainless skunkbag

Beck:come on,she very sweet!

Jade:I hate sweet

Beck:Whatever I gotta go

[Episode ends]