&nbsp this is an hour long episode.New songs in this episode


Tori and the gang hear about a singing competion that will be held a Nozu.It is where if u win the contest you will get a chance to record a demo cd and perform on National TV. Everyone auditions.In hopes of winning jade sings a cover of Wild horses by the rolling stones.Isabella sings an original called Life After You.Tori who auditions Late Sings Friends Count.They call the three in and tell them that Tori has won but they will all get the experience.Jade and Isabella are asked to be backup dancers.Jade denies but then agrees to.The company thenstates that she will be competing against someone else for the solo.She is a singer from San Francisco,Wendy Harlington.They find out Wendy is trying to restart her career as she was a singer in her hometown but gave up a record deal because she didnt want to move.Tori then decides to give her the solo.Isabella And Jade are then mad at her for giving up there chances of a lifetime too.Wendy then realizes that Tori isnt like a lot anymore and decides to give Tori back the solo.After nights of rehearsing the day of the performance comes and Tori gets ready and sings Make it in America.The episode ends with Tori hugging her friends