New Girl
Beck with Melanie, the new girl
Season 1
Created by Pretty pink123
Directed by Pretty pink123
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Double Trouble
Spooky Hollywood Arts
New Girl is Part 3 of a Tandre Special of Victorious.


Jade informs Beck, Andre, and Tori that there is a new student in Hollywood Arts named Melanie Bronze (played by Emily Osment), a talented singer and dancer. When they met her she seems nice and thoughtful, especially on Jade and Tori. But a few moths later, Tori and Jade found out that she became popular so she can make sure that no one will hang out with them. To make things worse, Andre, Beck, and the others fall for Melanie because of her "pretend kindness and charm" so they hang out with her more. So Tori and Jade thought of exposing her and prove to everyone that she is pretending to be nice so their friends won't hang out with them. But it backfired on them. So they thought of making coffee explode on her face and their plan became successful. Jade and Tori become best friends and they promise not to be mean to each other. Melanie left school the next day. And Tori and Andre had their 100th Day Kiss.

Meanwhile, Trina's parents will unground Trina if she plays and wins the bowling competition against True Jackson, Lulu, and Ryan Laserbeam (from True Jackson, VP). So Cat and Robbie join Trina's team. In the end Trina's team wins but the cash prize was lost because Rex left it near the bowling pins at the same time Ryan hit them with a bowlling ball.


  • Tori and Andre had their 100th Day Kiss in this episode.
  • This episode can be considered as a crossover because of the cast of True Jackson, VP in it.
  • Melanie Bronze is played by Emily Osment (from Hannah Montana)
  • This episode shows Cat and Robbie's skill in bowling.