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Andre: Hey Tori!
Tori: Hey!
Andre: I have something for you!
Tori: What?
Andre: (shows a necklace with Tori's name on it) This.
Tori: Awww! You shouldn't have.
Andre: On our 3rd Month Anniversary?
Tori: Awww! Okay!
(Andre puts the necklace on Tori)
Tori: (about the necklace) It's so beautiful!
Andre: I made it just for you!
Tori: Awww! My boyfriend made a nice necklace just for me!
(Tori and Andre kiss)
Jade: Hey guys!
(Beck goes to Jade)
Tori, Beck, and Andre: Hey!
Beck: I've been waiting for you!
Jade: Oh sorry, Beck! Awww! Anyway, I heard there's a new student at Hollywood Arts.
Tori: Who is she?
Jade: I don't know, kind of....Melanie Bronze! Yeah that's it!
Andre: What does she look like?
Jade: I don't know, she looks nice and (gets mad) cute!!!
Beck: Then why are you mad? Is that the Alyssa Vaughn thing again?
Jade: No, I just think that you might hang out with her more.
Beck: Naahhh. That'll never happen.
Andre: And I'd never do that to Tori!
Tori: Awww!
Jade: Do you know what she really looks like? (shows a picture of the new student)
Andre and Beck: Whoa!
Andre: But I'll never leave my girlfriend!
Beck: And the same thing with mine too!
Tori: I have a bad feeling about this.

Opening Song: Make it Shine

Trina: Hey Cat! Robbie!
Cat and Robbie: SUP?
Trina: My parents won't unground me if I won't join the bowling contest!
Robbie: Look Trina, you can't make us do it again like last time!
Cat: And you didn't give me allowance!
Rex: Same for me!
Trina: Guys, you need three members to join the bowling contest! I could ask my friends but they hate bowling.
Cat: Okay! I love bowling!
Robbie: Nope! I don't want! I'm sick of getting us into your business!
Trina: But guys, it's a big deal! The cash prize is $15,000!!!
Rex: I say we're in!
Robbie: We're in!

Melanie: (to Tori, Andre, Jade, and Beck) Hello! Nice to meet you!
Tori, Andre, Jade, and Beck: Hey!
Melanie: I'm Melanie Bronze and I'm a new student!
Tori: Do you wanna hang out with us during lunch?
Melanie: (to Andre and Beck) So,-
Tori and Jade: We're dating them.
Melanie: Oh sorry!
Jade: (whispers to Tori) Told 'ya so!

Trina: Let's do some bowling!
Cat: Yay! Let's practice!

Skipped to last scene
(Tori's mom is seen in the house, she hears a doorbell)
Mrs. Vega: Coming! (opens the door, she sees Tori and Andre) Oh hey Tori! I see you're with Andre! So, where's your boyfriend? It's been 3 months now.
Tori: Mom!
Andre: Ummm, Mrs. Vega, I'm Tori's boyfriend.
Mrs. Vega: Whoa! I knew it! You are meant for each other! So are you sure you don't want anyone else to come with you when you and Andre go to Paris?
Tori: Yeah. We're gonna be fine.
Andre: Yup. When your daughter comes back home, Mrs. Vega, I'm sure she'll be fine with me.
Mrs. Vega: Awww! That's so kind of you! (to Tori) It's a good thing you picked him. So what are you gonna do here? Don't tell me you're gonna make out here! Well you can, but not too much.
Tori: We're gonna have a study date.
Andre: And have our 100th Day Kiss!
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