Priscillah "Cillah" Richardson is a new student at H.A. Priscillah is a simple girl, she likes to stay away from drama but she has to admit that it’s pretty funny to watch. She’s the kind of girl that sort of takes in consideration what people say about her. Everyone always says that whatever people say just rolls off their backs,but for Priscillah,that saying isn’t so much true. She might ignore it at first, but after a while it will get to her. She’s a bit insecure about herself because in the past, she’s had friends that ditched her for anonymous reasons. She has a bubbly personality; she loves to interact with people. She’ll be nice to you, but if you honestly get her mad, she will not hesitate to tell you off. If you’re rude or anything, she’ll get upset but she doesn’t hold grudges. When you first get to know her, she’ll be a bit shy but after when she gets comfortable around you, she’ll start to talk more, express her thoughts and opinions and let out her crazy, uncontrollable self. When you’ve known her for years, you’ll know her like the back of your hand. After a couple years, you’ll know exactly her response to everything that might happen around her. To be honest, she gets mad easily when someone is provoking her and she’s not afraid to tell you straight to the core.She is friends with almost everybody,except Jade,who kinda scares her.She is a dancer,and her wardrobe is Mostly blues, greens, and purples, halter top, Bermuda shorts, either knee-high converses or semi-skintight knee-high boots, and wrist to elbow arm warmers. Also a shoulder bag,if needed.