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a pic i made :)

this is my 1st fan story,so plz tell me if u like it!

rebbie is the pairing of robbie and rex(Rex and Robbie),this story is called that because this is about rebbies is also about cabbie and a new shiping,kex(Kit and Rex).

Chapter 1 KitcatEdit

Robbie and Rex were fighting again. All of a sudden, Cat came in carrying a ventriloquist dummy with hair like hers (only thicker and black)."Hi!", said Cat,"I'm gonna take ventriloquist class with you!". "Great!", said Robbie. There are 3 extra classes you can take at Hollywood arts:

  • Ventriloquist,
  • Dancing and Guitar (everyone but Robbie, Tori,and Andre take this ) and;
  • Singing and Keyboards (Tori and Andre take this)

During class Robbie passed a note to Cat that says:

Hey, I think it would be nice to let our puppets get to now each other better.

Agreed! Why don't we go to BF Wangs and catch up?

At this, Robbie was nervous, Cat was, in a way, asking for a double DATE! Ok ,meet you there!!!

Chapter 2 Double DateEdit

"OMG,what should I wear,WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?!!", Robbie was at home freaking about his date with Cat."Chillax, man."said Rex, "I have to go on a double date with YOU."


Robbie and Rex arrived at BF Wangs at 9:00.

Robbie: WOW! Look at Cat!!!
Rex: WOW! Look at Kit!!!

thank you all so much 4 the great comments! i lost my password,and over the time,i forgot most of this story.i will try to rewrite this when i can.i wil be writing other storys.~TORIseddie,the creator of Kit Brooke,Rebbie,and Ariana West.