Robin's Hat
Season 1
Created by Totaldramacale
Directed by Totaldramacale
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Robin's Hat is a Victorious episode. It is the first to feature Robin as a main character. The plot is about Robin getting rid of his hat because it repeatedly gives him lice. He then becomes bummed, so Tori, Andre and Cat go get him a new one. Both Daniella Monet and Avan Jogia are not present for this episode.


(Tori, Robin and Andre are seen walking down the steps, with Robin scratching his head)

Tori: (to Robin) Uh, you've been scratching for 10 minutes now.

Andre: And it's starting to draw attention.

Robin: (stops scratching): I know! My head itches!

Andre: Maybe you got lice.

Robin: Lice? Again?

Tori: Yeah.

Robin: Well, if that's the case, then I'm gonna consider getting rid of this hat. (starts scratching again)!

Andre: I think you should.

Tori: Yeah.

(Robin gets his hat and is about to throw it in the trash can, but puts it back on.)

Robin: You know what, I'll just keep it until tomorrow!

Tori and Andre: Ughhhhhh.

(Theme song plays, afterwards we see the cast walking down the hall, with Robbie talking)

Robbie: ...and I told Rex he should be more kinder to me, and that-

Jade: (yelling) We don't care!

Rex: Oooooh, got told! (laughs)

Cat: One time my brother-

Rex: Before you say anything, I said got told, not got towed.

(silence until Robin walks up)

Robin: Hey Robbie take this! (gives the hat to Robbie and runs off)

Robbie: (throws hat away) Ughh.