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This episode is thought to be cancelled because it hasnt been filmed (Although Other episodes after it have been filmed). This episode is loosely based off of The Zoey 101(Another Dan Schneider Show) episode with the same name.


When the gang decides to go to mystic mountain to ride The Demonator, Robbie admits he is scared of rollercasters.To have him conquer his fear, they put him in a rollercoaster simulator. He freaks out and they realize they have to cancel their trip. Robbie feels bad and he ends up taking the gang to Mystic Mountain. And he rides the rollercoaster and he ends up enjoying it.


- This episode is similar to the Zoey 101 episode of the same name

- Robbie says he is scared of rollercoasters but in Rex Dies He says He rode a rollercoaster and enjoyed it

- This episode is thought to be canceled because it hasnt been filmed unlike other episodes after it.