As Jade ad Isabella become enemys, Trina tries to show off to Isabella.Trina does not like Isabella because she thinks she will ruin her chances of getting with Beck.Cat and Robie develop strong feelings for each other and show it really clear.Tori then realizes that Andre has a crush on her and they decide to go on a date.Jade eavsdropping on a convesation between Beck and Isabella.They say that they are going to eat at Nozu.Jade then sees this as an oppurtunity to ruin there get together.She then goes to Nozu and forces the waiter to give Isabella shellfish (which she is allergic to).Isabella notices it in he sushi and demands the waiter to tell her who put it in there.He points to Jade.Jade runs of embaressed.Tori and Andre then decide they are not ready to go out realizing they are better as friends.Tori then says maybe in the future but not now and walks away.Meanwhile Cat and robbie are teased about rumors of them going out.Robbie then ask Cat if they wanna give everybody what they want.She then kisses Robbie on the lips as the episode ends.


-This starts the Cabbie relationship

-Isabella reveals she is allergic to shellfish

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