Sikowitz: Kids! Announcement!
Rex: What?! There's a free house for people like me?
Robbie: Rex!
Sikowitz: Today is the death anniversary of the twins who used to study here.
Cat: What happened to them?
Sikowitz: They passed away here at exactly 12:30pm
Tori: Here?
Sikowitz: Yup.
Andre: So, you want us to leave school before 12:30?
Sikowitz: Precisely.
Jade: I don't believe it at all.
Beck: Yeah! The school doesn't look haunted to me.
Cat: What? NO!!! I'm so scared! Nah! I don't get it.
Robbie: I know right!
Sikowitz: (notices Andre's arm is around Tori) Ummm Tori and Andre?
Tori and Andre: What?
Sikowitz: Are you guys dating?
(Andre whispers to Tori something)
Tori: No! We're not dating!
Sikowitz: For a second I thought you are. Anyway, leave school before 12:30!
Jade: Yeah right!
Beck: Come on Jade.
Andre: But you didn't tell us that last year!
Tori: Maybe you're just scaring us there Sikowitz!
Rex: Hahahahah! I love it!

Opening Song: Make it Shine

Tori: Come on, guys! Let's have lunch!
Jade, Cat, Beck, Andre, and Robbie: Yeah!
(Clock strucks at 12:30)
Cat: Oh no, it's 12:30! We better go home.
Jade: Cat!
Robbie: Everybody knows that story isn't real!
(The lights start to flicker)
Andre: Hey, what up with the lights?
Beck: Maybe this was the thing Sikowitz warned us about.
Tori: Hurry let's go home!
(The lights go out)
Tori, Andre, Beck, Jade, Cat, and Robbie: Aaahhh!
(Tori is seen alone and there are no sign of the others)
Tori: (terrified) Guys? Andre? Jade? Cat? Robbie? Beck? ANYONE HERE????
(Shows Jade trapped in the janitor's closet, Cat and Robbie locked out of the front door, Andre and Beck trapped in the boy's bathroom, and Trina and Sinjin trapped in the music room)

Jade: WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!?!? (breaks the door of the janitor's closet) Ugh. Finally!
(Jade notices Cat and Robbie outside the front door)
Jade's text to Cat and Robbie: Why can't you guys open the door?
Cat's text to Jade: We tried to open it, but it's locked.
Robbie's text to Jade: We tried every way to open it, but it won't open. So we gave up.
Jade's text to Cat and Robbie: I'll be back in a sec guys.
(Jade notices Tori is not by the lockers anymore)
Jade: Hey, where's Vega?

(She hears voices)
Jade: Beck, Andre? Where are you guys? (follows the sound and opens the door of the bathroom) What the?
Andre and Beck: Jade!
Jade: (sarcastically) Your welcome! But did you see Tori?
Andre: No, where is she?
Jade: She wasn't by the lockers anymore.
Beck: Then we better go look for her and the others!
Andre: Let's split up.
(Andre goes alone, Beck goes with Jade)
Andre: (sees a text message and reads it)
We've got her!
From: Anonymus
Andre: Beck! Jade! Look at this text!
Beck and Jade: Someone got Tori!
Jade: Wait a minute! Why do I have to care?
Andre and Beck: Jade!
Jade: Fine, let's go find her together.
(They go to the music room, and no sign of Tori, then they went to Sikowitz's classroom and see "Tori", "Trina", and "Sinjin" tied up)
Beck: Hey! They're here!
Jade: (sarcastically) Yay.
Andre: (sees a message on the door that says, "Do you think we're that stupid?") Wait a minute! They're just mannikins!
Jade: (happily) Yay!
Beck: Then let's go to the Blackbox Theater!

(They're in the Blackbox Theater, and see the real Tori, Trina and Sinjin tied up with tape on their mouths at the balcony)
Beck: I'll go upstairs to get them. (goes upstairs) Ummm guys?
Jade and Andre: Huh?
Beck: I can't carry all of them up!
Jade: Why not?
Beck: The "ghosts" were smart enough to not make them fit through the door since they tied them with the world's longest rope!
Andre: So what's the plan?
Beck: The only plan I thought of was to throw them and you guys will catch them.
Andre: Sure.
Jade: Why would I catch one of the three people I hate!
Beck: Jade!
Jade: Ugh, fine.
Beck: Okay, here we go (throws Tori).
Tori: Aaah!
Andre: (catches Tori and unties her) Gotcha! Good thing I caught you.
(Beck throws Trina)
Trina: Aaah!
Jade: (unwillingly catches Trina an unties her) Ugh! I hate this day!
(Beck throws Sinjin)
Sinjin: Aaah! (no one catches him)
(Beck goes downstairs)
Tori: Andre! (hugs Andre) You saved me!
Andre: Yeah I did. (smiles at her)
Jade: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did I just see that coming? You really like each other!
Tori and Andre: It isn't what it looks like!
Beck: (unties Sinjin) Yeah right! Hahaha!
(Jade suddenly falls under the floor)
Tori, Andre, and Beck: JADE!!!
Beck: (sees a text message and reads it)
I'm okay. I'm here with Cat and Robbie near the front door.
From: Jade
Andre: What does it say?
Beck: Jade says she's with Cat and Robbie near the front door.
Tori: Well that's kinda weird. She fell under the floor of this room and she's already at the front door?
Andre: So let's go!

(Tori, Andre, Beck, Sinjin, and Trina go to the front door and see "Jade", "Cat", and "Robbie") Tori: (tries to open the door) It won't open!
Andre: Let me do it (tries to open the door). Ugh! So- (Someone is behind them, and it is the real Jade, Cat, and Robbie)
Trina: What the?
Beck: How'd you three get inside?
Sinjin: Yeah, we just saw you locked out of the school!
Cat: What's that supposed to mean?!
Robbie: Those weren't us.
Jade: Good thing you didn't bring that dizzy puppet with you, or someone's gonna lose a hand!
Andre: So if those weren't you, who are those?
Tori: This has been a horrifying day.
Beck: Come on guys, let's go to the back door and take a ride home with my RV.
Tori, Andre, Robbie, Cat, Jade, Trina, and Sinjin: Sure!

TheSlap Update
Tori Vega: I guess we should have believed Sikowitz about the ghost story..... Mood: Scared

(They are inside the RV)
Tori: (beside Andre) Andre, it's so cold.
Andre: (lends Tori his jacket) Anything for my cupcake. (smiles at Tori)
(Tori rests her head on Andre's shoulder and smiles)
Cat: (giggles) Admit it guys! You like each other!
Robbie: Yup, I didn't see you guys do that!
Jade: You must be hiding something.
Tori: (blushes) What are you talking about?
Andre: Yeah! What's wrong with a guy lending his jacket to a girl?
Beck: Okay, we're giving you time to admit it.
(Someone is knocking the door and Jade looks through the door's peephole)
Jade: Hey! It's Sikowitz!
Trina: Then open it!
Jade: Fine. He is our favorite teacher. (opens the door)
Sikowitz: Hello! Do you kids have peanut butter?
Jade: Okay that tears it! (punches him)
Cat: Jade!
Beck: What was that for? (lays Sikowitz on the bed)
(Robbie's GPS is beeping)
Robbie: Uh oh!
Andre: Uh oh what?
Robbie: According to my GPS, some ghost is approaching us!
Sinjin: Then we have to hurry!
Jade: Let's go!
(Someone else is knocking the door)
Beck: We'll be going home in a sec. (looks through the peephole, but he can only see red glowing eyes)
(The ghost possesses him)
Cat: Hey Beck, what's up? (Beck passes it to Cat)
Trina: Cat? (Cat passes it to Trina)
Sinjin: Trina, how'd you do those special effects with your eyes? (Trina passes it to Sinjin)
Robbie: Hey Sinj! Let me try that special effect! (Sinjin passes it to Robbie)
Tori: What's all the racket going on here? (Robbie passes it to Tori)
Andre: Tori? What happened to you? (holds Tori's hands, then Tori passes it to him)
Tori: What happened? Andre? (slowly waves her hands in front of his face to check if he's okay) Oh no! He's been possessed!
Jade: Oohh! I love scary stuff! (Andre passes it to Jade and she goes out of the RV)
Tori: Andre! You're back to normal! (hugs him)
Andre: Same to you! What happened anyway?
Robbie: We all got possessed by the ghost.
Cat: And you passed it to Jade.
Beck: But where is she?
(Jade goes back inside with ripped up clothes and an evil face summoning more ghosts and making the sky dark)
Trina: Jade!
Cat: What's gotten into you?
Jade: Tori Vega!
Tori: Oh no!
Jade: You have ruined my life since your first day at Hollywood Arts! So you have to pay! From now on, you will now get out of this world!
Andre: What?!
Jade: (evil laugh) Hahahaha! (makes a tornado and aims it at Tori)
(The tornado is trying to suck her)
Tori: Aaaah! Help!
Andre: Tori! You are my life! Don't leave me! (hugs Tori but they are both sucked in and disappear)
Jade: I have other plans for Andre, but this works too.
Sinjin: Whoa! Another moment between Tori and Andre.
Robbie: I knew it!
Jade: Cat Valentine! I don't hate you but you went too far! (makes Cat faint)
Robbie: (catches Cat and lays her on the bed) What did you do to her?!
Trina: We get fewer and fewer!
Robbie: I've got an idea! (grabs a hypnotising necklace and does it on Jade)
Jade: What are you doing?! (kneels down slowly and faints)
Beck: Hey what's that on Jade's arm?
Trina: She doesn't have good handwriting unlike me!
Robbie: It says, "I'll kill you Beck Oliver!".
Beck: Oh my god, Jade are you okay?
Jade: (she, Cat, and Sikowitz wake up) I'm fine.
Sikowitz: What'd I miss? (he gets punched again by Jade)
Sinjin: I don't get why you keep doing that!

Cat: (hears noise) Hey! What's that screeching sound?
Robbie: It sounds like it's coming from the bathroom.
Beck: Let's go check it out!
(Cat, Jade, Robbie, Trina, and Sinjin follow Beck)
Sinjin: Hey that myserious red object disappears!
Trina: Oh shut up!
Jade: Are you guys ready to open the door?
Cat, Robbie, Beck, Trina, and Sinjin: Ready.
Jade: Okay, in 5...4....3...2... (opens the door)
Cat, Jade, Beck, Robbie, Trina, and Sinjin': Aaaah!
Cat: (sees Tori and Andre tied up and blindfolded) Oh, it's just Tori and Andre! I thought it was a clown!
Beck: Jade! What did you do to them?!
Jade: I don't know, I was a ghost remember!
(Robbie unties Andre, Jade unties Tori)
(Tori and Andre smile and stare at each other)
Trina: Can you guys flirt later! We have to go home!
Tori and Andre: We're not flirting!
Jade: Come on! Let's just get out!
(They get out of the bathroom)
Tori: Andre, I'm so scared!
Andre: Don't worry Tori, I'll always be here. (holds hands with her)
Cat: (giggles) You guys MUST be dating!
Tori and Andre: No we're not!
Beck: (starts the RV) Uh oh!
Robbie: What's wrong?
Beck: The RV's out of gas. We're gonna have to get out of the RV to get more.
Sinjin: Sikowitz! Are you coming with us?
(Sikowitz is still sleeping)
Trina: That's a NO! Come on, let's go get some gas...and GO SHOPPING!
Cat: Yay! I love shopping!
Jade: Forget what Vega #2 just said!

(They get out of the RV and realize it's 4:00pm)
Robbie: (sees something big) What are those sharp things?
Cat: I think it's a monster!
(Shows a creature with a big mouth that has really sharp teeth)
Tori and Andre: (they hug) Aaaah!
Trina: Whoa! Another moment!
Jade: Touche
Andre: (he and Tori let go) Guys!
Tori: I don't have goo-goo eyes over Andre and he doesn't have goo-goo eyes on me!
Jade: If you say so! (laughs)
Cat: Oh no! A bunch of other monsters are out to get us!
Beck: RUN!!!
Tori, Andre, Beck, Jade, Cat, Robbie, Trina, Sinjin: Aaaah!!!!
(They run so far away that they reach the woods near Hollywood Arts)
Jade: Great! Now we're stuck in the woods!
Robbie: I guess we're gonna have to stay here for the rest of the night.
Trina: (sees a pair of boots on the grass) Oooh! Those are cute little boots!
Tori: Trina! This isn't time for forest-shopping!
Trina: (sarcastically) Yeah! Like you were trying to make out with Andrew!
Andre: It's ANDRE! And we were not trying to make out!
Jade: (sarcastically) Awww! Vega's new boyfriend's defending her!
Andre: Yeah Jade! If you so much as try and look at us not flirting, then make out with Beck instead!
Tori: Awww! Andre, you don't have to defend me.
Andre: I'm doing it just for you!
Jade: Here we go again!
Beck: I think Andre does have a good idea (kisses Jade)
Cat: (giggles) Yay! Now I can see twice as more love!
Tori and Andre: Cat!
Robbie: Beck! What now?
Beck: Okay here's the plan: Trina and Sinjin will just sit here and contact our parents. Me, Jade, Cat, and you are gonna find food. And Tori and Andre-
(Tori and Andre are seen sleeping beside each other)
Beck: Looks like Tori and Andre found shelter.
Jade: Let's just sleep.
Cat: Goodnight!
Beck, Jade, Robbie, Trina, and Sinjin: Goodnight Cat.

(The next morning, everyone wakes up except for Tori and Andre)
Cat: Yay! Another day!
Jade: Let's get this over with and go to school.
Robbie: But Tori and Andre are still asleep.
Jade: I know what to do! (gets a big stick from the ground and tries to hit Tori and Andre, but Beck prevented her)
Beck: Jade! You can't wake them up like that.
(Tori and Andre wake up)
Trina: Good morning lovebirds!
Tori: What are you talking about?
Trina: You and Andre were sleeping next to each other.
Cat: And it really really really really looks like you love each other. Andre: Guys! Just forget about this flirting thing so we can go to school.
Jade: If you say so! (laughs)
Robbie: (someone is calling him on the phone, he answers it) Hello?
Sikowitz: (on the phone) Hey Robbie it's Sikowitz. Do you wanna know how to go back to this RV?
Robbie: Yeah?
Sikowitz: (on the phone) Okay, just go downhill and go to the parking lot at school.
(They follow every word Sikowitz told them, and they found the RV)
Tori: Yay!
Cat: We found the RV!
(The gang hug each other one by one)
Andre: (when he hugs Tori) I love you Tori Vega!
(Tori and Andre kiss, while they kiss the others clap and cheer)
Robbie: So, they were lying about not dating?
Beck: I think so, we'll find out later when we go to school.
Jade: Finally.
Cat: (giggles) Woo Hoo!
Tori: I love you too Andre Harris!