Tamantha Vega
Gender: female
Age: 16-17
Nationality: American
Hometown: LA
Born: May 15 1996
Professional Information
  Hollywood Art School student
Friends and Family
Tori Vega

Trina Vega

nearly everyone ( except Jade West )
Behind the Scenes
Tamantha is younger sister of Tori and Trina. She is played by Zendaya

Personality and appearanceEdit

  • hair color: brown
  • eye color: dark brown
  • skin color: tan/hispanic

Is looks like nice, shy and intelligent girl. She is good friend with Cat, but is total difference of her, because Tamantha is quiet and can control her emotions, while Cat is playful and can be easy happy or sad, but both are nice. She is mainly shy about her talents. She isnt very " talking type ". Is reveladet as very intelligent A-grader. Her favorite colors are pink, green and violet


  • Singing
  • Acting
  • Intelligention


Tori VegaEdit

'1996'-present, sister

They must have good relationship.

Trina VegaEdit

1996-present sister

Tamantha like Trina,  but somehow less than Tori

Cat ValentineEdit

2012-present close friend

They are very close friends, althrough there are many differences between them.

Jade WestEdit

2012-present frenemy

Tamantha is scared of Jade, but is very shy to say something.