It's the last day of school in Hollywood Arts High School and Tori wants to find a place where she and her friends can hang out for the summer.When Tori is about to leave, she saw a light colored paper sticked to her bag. Cat passed by her and saw her investigating the paper. 

Cat: Hey Tori.

Tori: Oh, hey Cat

Cat: What are you doing?

Tori: I saw this paper sticked to my bag. I haven't noticed this situation. I wonder what it is?

Cat: Oh, its a bus ticket. I sticked it to your bag.

Tori: But, why?

Cat: I know that you want to go to a place where you can hang out with our friends so I have the answer for your question.

Tori: Oh, really. Thanks Cat. What is it?

Cat: Let's meet at the table and by the way, call Jade, Robbie, Andre and Trina and tell them to meet in the same place.

Tori: Uh, OK.

At the table, Cat, Tori and their friends are in the table to tell Cat's idea to Tori's summer hang out problem.

Cat: You guys want to hear my idea about Tori's summer hang out problem?

Andre: Sure, what is it

Tori: Yeah Cat, what is it. I've been waiting for moments.

Cat: Well, you know my parents are in Idaho for 2 years?

Robbie: Yeah, me and Jade know it.

Cat: Well, our house got fumigated and my grandmother, Nona asked me to go to my Great Uncle's place in Oregon while she is in Elderly Acres in Los Angeles.

Tori: Yehey! I've never been in Oregon before.

Cat: Well, my Great Uncle lives in a sleepy town called, "Gravity Falls".

Tori: Gravity Falls

Robbie: I've never heard of that place.

Cat: Yeah because no one wanted to go there because there are so weird and mysterious happenings in there.

Jade: Are there any dark forests in there?

Cat: Yeah, why?

Jade: I've always wanted to go in a dark forest and I want to see a real fruit bat in a dark cave.

Tori: Then its settled, we're going to Oregon!

Cat: Yehey! 

So, the next day, Cat, Tori, Andre, Robbie, Trina and Jade took the bus to Gravity Falls and they have arrived. 

Tori: Well, this is a good place. Nothing mysterious in here

Cat: Whoa, I guess my cousins already defeated them.

Tori: You have cousins who are not afraid in going here.

Cat: My uncle and aunt in Piedmont sent them here with my Great Uncle.

Tori: Well, where's your Great Uncle's place.

Cat: My Great Uncle's place is in the middle of the woods.

So, Cat and her friends came to the middle part of the forest.

Tori: So, this is it

Cat: Yep!

Jade: You're great uncle owns a gift shop?

Cat: And a tourist trap.

Tori: Hey Cat, I think there's a note sticked into the door.

Cat: What does it say?

Tori: It says, "Hey Cat, I'm gone for a while and I'll be back. You can come in to the shop anytime with your friends. But don't touch the vending machine inside. It's under maintenace. -Grunkle Stan. P.S. Don't be so noisy, your cousins are asleep and the door keys are under the mat."

Cat: Oh

Andre: What's "Grunkle" mean?

Cat: It means Great Uncle. He combined it up.

Cat opens the door and came in to her Great Uncle's house.

Jade: Whoa. Dang this place is awesome.

Cat: Please don't be so noisy my cousins are aslee....

Dipper: What in the world is that noise? It's getting me crazy.

Trina: He's quite little for a cousin of Cat's.

Mabel: What is it Dipper.

Dipper: It's cousin Cat and I think these are her friends.

Mabel: Yehey! It's cousin Cat!

Cat: Yehey Mabel! Oh, hey guys, this is Tori, Andre, Jade, Trina and Robbie.

Everyone: Hey!

Robbie: I'm Robbie

Rex: He always does that to people.

Robbie: Stop that.

Dipper: Did that puppet... just TALK!

Mabel: I kne