Victorious: The Finale is a one-hour special episode of Victorious and the series finale of the show.


  • Victoria Justice as Tori Vega
  • Leon Thomas III as Andre Harris
  • Matt Bennett as Robbie Shapiro
  • Elizabeth Gillies as Jade West
  • Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine
  • Avan Jogia as Beck Oliver
  • Daniella Monet as Trina Vega


Short SummaryEdit

Tori and her classmates prepare for graduation from the Hollywood Arts High School. Few days before the graduation, Tori receives a chance of her lifetime when she receives a scholarship to the Chicago Music University, but unfortunately, she has to leave immediately...

Long SummaryEdit

Tori walks into the class and tells Andre, Robbie and Cat that it's unbelieveable that they'll be graduating from Hollywood Arts High School in a week. The class begins and Mr. Sikowitz says that a few students will compose a song and perform it at the graduation ceremony. He picks Tori, Andre, Robbie and Cat. After class, Tori, Andre, Robbie and Cat try to think about what their song will be about, but they can't think of something. They spend whole night trying to write the song, but fail.

Meanwhile, Beck tells Jade bad news: He's moving to England after graduation. Jade is shocked, then gets angry, yells at Beck and breaks up with him. The next day, Tori starts writing another song which may be perfect for the graduation when Trina interrupts. Trina shows a letter to Tori and gives it to her. Tori reads the letter and reads that she got accepted to the Chicago Music University. Tori becomes happy because she wished to attend that school until... she reads that she has to start studying there in less than three days.

Tori is upset that she'll miss the graduation and she doesn't know how to tell her friends about that she's leaving. That night, Beck comes to Jade's house to apologize to her, but she refuses to let him in. Beck tries again and again, but to no avail. The next day, Tori decides to tell her friends about that she's leaving, but she gets nervous and starts to lie. Andre, Robbie and Cat are a little suspicious about Tori's weird behavior, but they don't care. Tori is shocked because she lied to her friends.

Later that night, Andre, Robbie and Cat come to Tori's house to complete the song. They start to question Tori about how she acted today. Trina comes and asks Tori that she told her friends about that she's leaving. Andre, Robbie and Cat are shocked. Tori says to Trina "thanks a lot, sis.". After Trina leaves, Tori finally confesses about that she's leaving and will miss graduation. Andre, Robbie and Cat get angry and yell at Tori, saying that they struggled a lot writing the song and they should've been honest to each other because they're friends. They then say, "It looks like we were wrong.". Andre, Robbie and Cat leave.

Tori is sitting in her bedroom, depressed. Her parents come to her and tell her that she has to leave tonight. Tori tells them that it's not the major reason for her depression; she lost her friends because she lied to them. Tori's mother tells her that they are still her friends even if they're mad at her and she has to show it to them. After Tori's parents leave the bedroom, Tori picks up a note and starts writing something on it.

Beck comes to Jade and tries again to apologize. Jade still refuses to forgive him. Out of desperation, Beck asks Jade why she won't forgive him. Jade tells him that she doesn't like to see someone really special to her leaving. Beck realizes that he is special to Jade, but tells her that he really has to leave to London. Jade finally understands and finally forgives him. Beck and Jade break up, but decide to stay friends and even Jade promises to visit Beck in London sometime sooner or later.

Tori comes to the class and finds Andre, Robbie and Cat there. They're still upset at her. Tori tells them that she completed the song and sings it to them. Tori's song is "If We're Apart, We'll Always Be Friends". Andre, Robbie and Cat are happy and forgive Tori. Tori tells them that it's the last time they see her because she leaves tonight and she'll miss graduation. Andre, Robbie and Cat tell Tori that they found a solution because they talked to the principal and the graduation ceremony will be today.

The ceremony begins and everyone accepts their diplomas. Then, Tori performs "If We're Apart, We'll Always Be Friends" again, but this time with Andre, Robbie and Cat. After the ceremony ends, Tori says goodbye to her friends. Andre announces that he's leaving to New York and Robbie announces that he's leaving to Miami. Jade says that she's leaving to Australia. Cat decides to stay in Los Angeles. So, Cat stays in Los Angeles, Andre leaves to New York, Robbie leaves to Miami, Beck leaves to London, Jade leaves to Australia, Trina leaves to Denver and Tori leaves to Chicago.


  • Cat is the only one who stays in Los Angeles after the graduation.